VR Bangers Unleashes First Hack Ever For PSVR Stereoscopic 3D Videos

Porn production studio VR Bangers explains how to play the most immersive 360 video on Sony’s popular VR headset.

If we are looking to reinvigorate virtual reality from its current limp state, perhaps we should be looking at porn. The porn industry’s interest in virtual reality remains strong, to the point that virtual reality-focused porn site VR Bangers recently published a tutorial that explains how to get the PlayStation VR headset to render all the site’s VR porn videos in stereoscopic 3D.

Up until now, anyone watching VR Bangers’ porn with PSVR had to watch it in 2D, essentially like watching any other video but with 360-degree views. But with the new Littlstar hack, which has been circling on the wider internet for a while now, owners of Sony’s relatively inexpensive $399 headset can act out doin’ the nasty with the likes of porn star Brigette B. With it, things on screen things appear to jiggle and grow much as they would in real life.

Mike Henigan of the VR Bangers team told me in an email that they’ve seen a 40 percent rise in PlayStation VR downloads in 2017, and that traffic as a whole is going up. For all of the excitement about the PSVR, though, he said, the best and most popular headsets for VR porn remain the smartphone headsets.”

“Compared to the last six months of 2016, the numbers of sales have increased as well with the popularity of the one-year membership sales, which shows that the people are staying around and not just checking it out,” he said.

“The experience is mind blowing and gives a completely different fully immersive feeling as compared to the standard mono,” VR Bangers said in a press release. We’re sure that’s not the only blowing going on.

It’s a fairly simple process. Just download the software, load the files onto a Flash thumb drive, stick it into your PSVR, and launch the Littlstar VR Cinema app. Provided you’ve downloaded some of VR Bangers’ many videos, the magic presumably happens soon after.

“We did not develop the hack, we just made it simple for people to understand how to use it,” Henigan said. “We made a guide that integrates it with our videos and makes it a lot simpler, so instead of 14 stages, we made it so there’s just four.”

More such interesting facts and news are being added daily on VR Bangers’ main page over here.