VR Bangers Offering VR Content in Vegas’ Hotel Rooms

LAS VEGAS — In a first-of-its-kind offering, virtual reality porn company VR Bangers has struck a deal with AuraVisor to offer headsets preloaded with adult content in Las Vegas hotel rooms.

The experience will cost consumers $20 to use AuraVisor’s wireless VR headset technology to view VR Banger’s immersive porn, according to VR Bangers, which recently got a write up in Venture Beat.

AuraVisor’s tether-free head-mounted computer headset, which works completely independently without needing to connect to a computer or smartphone, has a 100-degree field of vision and a 5-inch thin-film-transistor screen that offers 1080p video.

Using the headset, users can choose the girl or guy of their choice and see the hotel room replicated in the VR headset, “making the experience much more realistic,” the company said.

“Next you will hear a knock on the door — in the virtual reality world — and the girl or guy will come into your room in order to enjoy an erotic or sex experience with the viewer.”

VR Bangers founders told Venture Beat that “VR porn looks set to shake up this stagnant yet huge market, and VR Bangers and AuraVisor are well placed to benefit from the growing adoption of VR technology.”

They further said that while the appeal of virtual reality in gaming and movie watching is obvious, “the potential for revolutionizing the porn industry is even more exciting.”

“The true number is not known, but most studies suggest that around 30 percent of web traffic is adult content,” they said. “Despite this, the porn industry has remained stagnant for years, and many consumers have become bored by conventional porn.”

VRBangers.com, on its website, offers its online VR porn on all types of devices, including iOS and Android phones, the Oculus Rift, desktop computers, Samsung Gear and numerous others.

VR Bangers‘ s operators are now accepting offers from hotels.