VR Bangers Presents: The Interactive Halloween Special!

Halloween is right behind the corner and if you thought that your favorite VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, have not prepared anything for that occasion, you have never been more mistaken, sir! This year we have not only shot a new, special spooky VR porn scene for you, but we have also turned it into a fully interactive experience that will allow you to enjoy our virtual reality porn materials in an entirely new way.

Trick or treat? Spooky and sexy can do just great together!

Perhaps we could just come up with a “scary” VR porn fantasy and produce it around the time of the Halloween, but could we then be calling ourselves the most innovative VR porn movies’ makers in the industry? As we believe that spooky and sexy can work just fine together, pumping the blood in your veins and rising the levels of your adrenaline higher than ever before, we produced something that is not only a yet another VR porn movie, but a fully fledged interactive virtual reality porn experience.

And how interactive is this newest VR porn experience?

For the period of 2 weeks, you will all have an opportunity to vote on our special website available over here. Inside of the VR porn video, which will be introduced in parts with the development of the event, 4 super-hot girls – Lauren Phillips, Chloe Cherry, Whitney Wright and Demi Sutra – will be kept in a VR Bangers’ dungeon where every minute of their time counts. Each one of you will have to decide which one of them should stay alive and, at the same time, which one of our girls is a psycho who is now playing with the rest of them in this sick intellectual clash. You make the wrong decision – wrong person dies, and VR Bangers’ do not promise that there will be any happy endings to this psychological story. The grand finale of the plot will take place on the date of the Halloween itself, and then you will get to learn the consequences of your choices and reach the ending of the story that you have unfolded on your very own. What is more, we have also prepared a very special promotion for you on that occasion to sweeten the deal even further and let you all stay with us for even longer.

A special Halloween promo?

We want to encourage new people on becoming the members of VR Bangers’ VR porn family, and help the existing ones of you to keep being a part of our ever-growing community, so the price of the VR Bangers’ membership is about to go down as low as the time left for our sexy VR porn stars inside of this spooky psychological game of ours! As this is a Halloween promo, and at this time of a year things like to get scary and maybe even… diabolic, the price is about to hit the $6.66 marker for 15 days of your time with us, being an invitation for a “trial” for newcomers and a huge saving for our current members.

To always be up to date with everything that is going on for Virtual Reality Bangers, make sure to visit our main page over here regularly – we always inform our members about the events and promos that we plan on shooting, so you will never miss out any of our special deals!