VR Bangers Reveals its Secrets Behind the Scenes with Playboy TV

VR Bangers CEO Daniel Abramovich said the company plans on utilizing a two-prong approach to reach two communities of VR viewers — those who are particular about the quality of each video and those who are just beginning with the immersive experience.

“VR Bangers is the first site that puts everything together in one complete package for porn fans,” Abramovich said. “There are flat 4K websites out there, a few 360 sites and some old-style 3D offerings, but VRBangers.com is the only website that combines the leading edge technologies of each video parameter into one fully immersive viewing experience that puts fans right in the middle of the action, in the most immersive manner imaginable.


In production, the studio’s workflow is unique, Abramovich said, allowing VR Bangers’ production crew to make stitch-free VR videos.

“We are very picky with our production, and we don’t use automatic stitch software because we know how important it is for the viewer to see the kind of truly immersive VR that can only come from manually curated content,” he said. “With our content, you can always see the entirety of each body part and a full field, which is why VR Bangers really is the next best thing to actually being the bedroom.”

You can sample the behind the scene video here or you can always go to our main page to find more quality content from VR Bangers.