VR Pornstar’s Advice: Period Sex? Just Do It!

Period sex is a matter of taboo in a lot of the households, as many people (both girls and guys) don’t find it satisfying – or at least they do think so. It turns out, however, that 8/10 of couples that aren’t having sex during the period never even tried it, and they’re not doing it only from their (erroneous) beliefs and unsupported fears. VR Bangers want to break the silence and once again do something that will make your sexual lives better – we’ve asked our VR porn stars on few useful tips regarding this issue and perhaps motivate you to at least give it a try.

Why wouldn’t you do that?

First of all, you may not be aware of that, but when your girlfriend is on period, she’s usually way more horny than she’d normally be. This isn’t an opinion, but a proven fact that could make your period sex the best fucking that you’ve had in a while – especially that during the time, your GF will be way more sensitive to any stimuli, feeling your dick much harder than usually.

Why wouldn’t you do that, then? The blood is the answer, as it may completely ruin the atmosphere between you two, and to some people just thinking on this subject already causes vomiting, let alone active participation in such a situation. Secondly, aforementioned sensitiveness can be too big, turning pleasure into pain and effectively ruining the whole experience for you two.

Few helpful advices from professional VR porn stars

We’ve discussed the aforementioned problems with some of our VR porn stars and asked them, looking for an advice of a professional, how they are doing with these problems. In the end, when you’re a pro and your birth control pills won’t work appropriately (it happens), thus giving you an unwanted period, you need to have some remedies for these issues to be able to perform in front of the virtual reality porn camera in 3D 360° VR porn video where everything will be visible.

Hygiene – both before and after – is the key to period sex!

As banal as it sounds, but taking a good long shower both before and after the sex could solve 99% of your problems. If your girlfriend will wash her pussy appropriately, most likely you won’t even see a single drop of blood, thus having some regular fucking – with the only difference that (like mentioned above) your girl will be way more sensitive inside than usually. When everything is done, just make it easy this time and cum inside of her – she’ll be 100% infertile during the period, don’t worry – and ask her to wash the blood together with your jizz. No harm done, no mess, everything is as good as normally – and maybe even better!

Take precautions

This rule may not apply to shooting some VR porn videos, but it should work just great for your sex at home. Even after taking the aforementioned hygiene steps, you should definitely take some extra precautions to make the evening nice and convenient for both of you. For example, you can put down a towel for one, preferably one that is brown or red, that will take care of any residue that comes out.

Don’t make such a big deal out of it!

This is the very last tip that we’ve got from our VR porn stars, which may be not as useful as the two previous ones, on the other hand probably being the most important one of all of them: don’t make such a big deal out of it! It’s just sex, a thing between you two and we’re more than sure that you can surely work something out together. Take the cleaning thing to another level and fuck in the shower, or do some standing sex to avoid the mess – there’s so many things that you could do, so don’t panic, try it and go for it!

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