Watch out! Pussykat is lurking under your sheets!

Everyone has some fantasies about our girlfriends’ friends – we often spend a lot of time with them, usually they’re as sexy us our girlfriends (or even more), and the forbidden fruit tastes the best. It’s almost impossible to bring such fantasies into life, because in most of the cases, it will be the certain end of the relationship – but in the world of VR Porn everything is possible!

Today is one of those evenings when you don’t really want to do anything at all – you would definitely prefer to lie in bed, read a book or watch something for the rest of the day, and you certainly do not want to leave home. Your girlfriend has some other plans, as she insisted on going to the cinema to watch a movie together. There are three people in the apartment: you, your girlfriend and the Pussykat – one of her friends who came to visit today – and you’re all discussing what you could do for the rest of the day.

Pussykat has always seemed to like you and looks like she shares your mood today and would also like to stay at home, unfortunately, the decision was made – you’re going to the cinema. When your girlfriend goes to check, what you could watch in the cinema, you and Pussykat are lying in the bed and talking. But after a while of conversation, when your girlfriend leaves the room, Pussykat comes up with a surprising idea in the Virtual Reality Porn style – she gets under your bedding and starts giving you head!

You do not know what to do, but the feeling is so good that you do not want to stop your sexy kitten at all. The girl knows well how to encourage you, because after a while she pulls out her two stubborn boobs right in front of you, looking straight into your eyes while putting your dick deep into her tight throat.

After some time, your girlfriend returns to the room, looking for a wallet, but she doesn’t seem to guess what’s going on here. After a while, she again leaves to another room, and you can continue your little play in a more courageous way. Pussykat starts to suck on your big balls while her wet tongue gets deeper and deeper, gently touching your wet testicles.

Your partner comes back to the room to tell you that she has everything prepared, but when she’s not focused solely on the tickets and her wallet anymore, your view began to suspect her. Why do you have such a weird face? Why your quilt looks so strange? And where is Pussykat? The girl does not wait any longer and discovers the bedding, unable to believe what she sees.

Your girlfriend runs out of room, forgetting that you were going to the movies – you think, “Her loss! We could have had a super threesome if she was a bit more open to new sensations.” Now you can finally have some real fun with Pussykat and you do not have to hide under the bedsheets anymore.

Your sexy kitten jumps on you and starts riding your wet and swollen cock. Her strong and deep pushes make you moan a little, especially since you can hear her loud groaning, which only excites you even more.

When you can’t stand it anymore, the girl kneels down and lets you cum on her lovely face. Jizz runs down her cheeks and she licks its leftovers as a good kitten would’ve done.

What will happen to your girlfriend and your relationship? You have no idea. But if she loves you, she’ll come back… maybe even for a little round two?

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