What Are Some Other Great Sites Than VR?

When you have some personal time and want to watch good porn, I guess you take your time at home, grab your goggles and relax… As a fellow VR Bangers member, you seem to have a great taste and there is nothing that stands in the way for a nice evening with hawt porn stars.

But what do you do for a quick entertainment on your mobile, in your bed or at work? Sometimes there is no time for watching VR porn or maybe you just want to watch a quick clip to get turned on. And then it is time for some good ol’ non-vr porn videos.

At VR Bangers we are specialized on VR porn, so we can’t help you out there. But we know someone who can! 😉

Porn Sites at Pornsitestars.com

Pornsitestars.com aka “Porn Sites & Stars” is a small helper and as easy as 1,2,3 – Just head over, pick your category and you find the best porn sites at a glance – whatever you like. There is really no matter your particular tastes, you’ll find someone you’re dying to see more of!

They cover all kind of porn sites. You want Sexy Asian Cuties take on huge dildos or Young Teens quivering on big black cocks? Porn Sites & Stars got  you covered! All in all there are nearly 1000 sites in their directory to crawl through.

All sites are sorted by category and ranked by quality. That means the better a website is, the more likely you will find it. Every entry is covered by a concise review including positive and negative characteristics, price (if not free) and free promo videos (if available).

And since Porn Sites & Stars only offers quality porn, you also find our VR Bangers Review there! Hint: They also love us for offering the first 6K VR Porn Videos! 😉

Porn Star Directory

We, at VR Bangers, are working with AAA porn stars, because we want to offer you the best porn out there. And thanks to Pornsitestars.com, you find all the sexy stars we feature in our videos in their pornstar directory. Megan Rain, for example,  was one of the first porn stars we were working with and pornsitestars shows you 21(!) more site she is working for.

Along with getting fucked by enormous cocks, this knockout newbie loves fisting herself – Yes, seriously – I’ve seen that! On top, Megan is one of the girls who can really squirt like a fountain.

All in all, they have collected the bio, sites they are working for and free videos of more than 5800 female, male and transgender porn stars.
Just slam in some attributes you like into their search engine and you will find exactly what you are craving for. Blonde females, at the age of 18-23 with C cups and green eyes? Easy! Leah Gotti and Maya Grand are just 2 out of 5 girls found.

The Videos

Hands in the air whoever loves free porn! You did raise your hand, didn’t you? I don’t think there is anyone in the world who does not like free stuff. From free candy as a kid to free big tits video when you are an adult. Premium sites are working with the creme de la creme oft he business, but how do you know what you are getting unless you have signed up? That whats Porn Sites & Stars is here – and if you are a more visual type of guy, you will love their free porn videos along with their reviews.

We get those videos directly from the producers and host them for them to show them to you. That was a pretty hard  sentence… Does it make sense? I hope so! To make it simpler: pornsitestars.com offers free porn videos – UGA UGA!

Our Personal Favorites

Since we spent a good hour on this porn list, we have created our own top 5 of Non-VR porn sites, since we all know which VR site rocks the most, right? We have tried to pick our number one of 5 popular categories:

  1. Chaturbate – A very big cam site with THOUSAND of cams whenever you visit them.
  2. Nutaku – I did not know that site at all! More than 200 online adult games on one site!
  3. Kink – Whoever is into BDSM hast to visit this site! Porn Sites & Stars even offer a discount!
  4. JavHD – One of the rare Japanese sites with UNCENSORED videos. 素晴らしいです!
  5. Brazzers – Of course, we also had to pick a really big mainstream site and in our opinion, you get the most out for a dollar there. Their archive is just extreme huge and they have all the top porn stars, which whom we are working, too! 😉

More great sites and categories can be found directly on their main site! And if you are looking for some other similar blogs, go to VR Bangers.com main page here.