Winners of the VR Awards 2018 Unveiled!

VR Awards is an annual event that celebrates outstanding achievements in VR when it comes to technology, education, medicine, experiences, movies and VR games. Even though there are no categories for VR porn movies (and there are some separate events for us like this or this one), not every blog on has to be strictly about virtual reality porn experiences, as being up to to date with the VR technology industry is also really important to us, premium VR porn films’ makers, and so it should be to you, our loyal members.

During the festive gala in London, HTC Vive Pro VR headset has been announced as the best VR goggles of the year – which was highly anticipated by us, and it was not a surprise for VR Bangers – and the title of the most innovative VR company has been granted to the Ultrahaptics firm – people trying to enhance the capabilities of haptics experiences in virtual reality. Even though there has been as many as 12 categories, below we listed only those most important of them – at least from a point of view of a premium VR porn movies’ producer. The winners have been marked in bold.

VR goggles

HTC – Vive Pro
• Oculus – Go
• VRgineers Inc. – VRHero 5K Plus
• HTC – Vive Focus

VR games

• Bethesda Softworks – Fallout 4 VR
• Bethesda Softworks – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
• Beat Games – Beat Saber
• Survios Inc. – Sprint Vector
• Ready At Dawn – Lone Echo / Echo Arena
• Hidden Path Entertainment – Brass Tactics
• Vertical Robot – Red Matter
• VRWERX – Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul
• ARVORE Immersive Experiences – Pixel Ripped 1989
• inXile Entertainment – The Mage’s Tale
Cloudhead Games Ltd. – The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone
• Electric Hat Games – TO THE TOP
• nDreams – Shooty Fruity

VR experiences

• REWIND – Silicon Valley: Inside The Hacker Hostel
• Framestore – A Moon For All Mankind
• Magnopus – Coco VR
• Magnopus – Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab
• Preloaded and BBC Worldwide – BBC Earth: Life in VR – California Coast
• Tomorrow Never Knows – The Day The World Changed
Flight School – Manifest 99
• Framestore – Sky4DVR
• Human Interact – Starship Commander
• Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH – Ulm Stories – The Dream of Flying
• NextVR – NBA League Pass in NextVR: 2017-2018 Regular Season

VR movies

• Baobab Studios – Asteroids!
• Pink Kong Studios – Aurora
• Room One Films – The Committee
• Lucid Dreams Productions – The Sun Ladies
• Olympic Channel & Jaunt – Trending Gold
• Vision3 – My Africa
• NSC Creative – Vestige
• FoxNext VR Studio – Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality)
• TopDogVR – Speed Kills VR

The most innovative VR company

• Striker VR
• Pixvana
• Spinview
• AiSolve
• Human Interact
• Visbit Inc.
• Flipside
• Gravity Sketch

Why do VR porn movies’ producers even care about such an event? That’s fairly easy, to be honest – with such awards taking place every year, the market of virtual reality will only keep on flourishing, thus fueling the growth of entire business and helping us to make our VR porn movies even greater, more realistic and immersive. For example, we honestly can’t wait for the next invention of this year’s winners of the “most innovative VR company” category – the Ultrahaptics – as thanks to them touching boobies and pussies through VR porn might be finally available one day.

Maybe even one day VR Bangers will be rewarded on one of those ceremonies? After all, our activity goes beyond just some VR experiences for adults, so who knows…?