Work on Blair Williams’ Pipes and She Will Work on Yours!

It is always good to have a job in your hands – people with practical skills will always manage in life and can get many benefits out of them. If you are a skilled plumber, electrician or locksmith, you will always be considered helpful around ladies and if you are smart enough, this itself can lead to something very interesting – especially in the VR Porn world of VR Bangers!

In this Virtual Reality Porn fantasy, Blair Williams, one of our hot performers, is in need and could really use some help from a specialist. Her pipes got all clogged nad blocked, water is everywhere, and soon her neighbor might come with some questions why the hell is the water dropping from his ceiling. You, on the other hand, with use of virtual reality technology will become a professional plumber today, which is here to help this smoking hot beauty with her water issues. The only problem is that she has no money on her and you two have no other choice than to come up with some other solution to pay you for your professional care accordingly. Want to find out what could it be? Wear your VR goggles like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Daydream or brand new Windows Mixed Reality headset and watch this VR Porn movie to see for yourself!

If you have ever seen one of the Blair’s scenes you already know how busty this babe is and that getting her clothless to see these bouncing titties could be a nice payment for the starters. And since the girl is already naked, maybe it is the time to get her wet as well? You have done your job appropriately and everything is fixed, so you could expect a blow job and some nice fucking in the end, right? Especially that you have seen this slut watching you working and you know exactly that she has noticed the outline of your huge cock in your trousers, so she has been kind of waiting for this to happen anyway.

Sure, you know that Blair has a boyfriend, but you are not the one who is gonna tell him, so if she will keep her mouth shut, no one will ever know – excluding thousands of VR Bangers’ Virtual Reality Porn viewers, obviously, but we know that you guys can stay really discrete when needed. On the other hand, when dating such a hot and always horny blonde hottie, it is kind of stupid to expect that she will not find some dick to fuck, if you are never around the house and can’t even help her with her tubes, right? The deal is fair, you have unclogged Blair’s siphons and made them clear, and now she will polish your pipe instead, so at the end of the day you will both be happy and satisfied!

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