Your Friend Katy Rose Cheers You Up with Her Amazing Performance

When you went to another city so you can attend one of your favorite festivals, you decided to stay over at a place that belonged to one of your high school friends.

One day, your girlfriend gave you a call and she broke up with you which made you feel really miserable. While your friend Katy Rose was doing stuff around the kitchen, she noticed that you are completely bummed out so she decided to do something about it.

Because you were laying on the table in the middle of the living room, she sat on the couch where you could see her. As she was browsing some newspapers, she was hinting that the event you planned to attend was happening today, but you didn’t react at all.

That is when she got closer to you, and you had a very nice sight in front of you. Katy was wearing a sexy red dress that went perfectly with her blonde hair and her black stockings. She decided to cheer you up by teasing you for a little while.

She displayed her outstanding legs, her beautiful ass, and in the end, she even took off her dress so you can take a look at her small boobies. When she noticed that had no effect on you, she knew that she had to continue with new ideas until you are in the good mood again.

That is why she got down on her knees right before she unzipped your pants. Taking out your cock, she noticed that you are quite soft, but since Katy is very determined, she started stroking you off until it got hard enough for her to wrap her lips around it.

As your pecker got completely erect, Katy noticed that your mood is coming back, so she continued sucking on your big pecker. You quickly regained your mood completely, however, since she was quite horny from all the cock sucking she was doing, and so were you, Katy decided to go all the way with you.

She got up and then she began to ride you in the cowgirl position. As your thick cock entered her tight pussy, you could feel it stretch slowly as it went deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, Katy began to moan out loud like she never had a dick that big inside of her.

After taking a ride in the reverse cowgirl position, Katy wanted you to have a nice look of her pussy while she is playing with it, and that is why she told you to lay down on the bed.

When she got on top of you, she brought her pussy quite close towards your face before rubbing it with her fingers. As she was rubbing it at rapid speed, you could feel small bits of her juices hitting your face.

Eventually, her pussy will get hungry for your big dick again, so she will ride you in both cowgirl positions one more time. Katy will continue riding you passionately all the way until you are ready to cum.

When that moment comes, she will get off of you so she can stroke you off with her hands and pick up the jizz with her lips.

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