Your Girlfriend Elsa Has a Nice Video For You

You have a very lovely girlfriend, who goes by the name of Elsa Jean. You used to spend quite a lot of time together, however, due to the student exchange program she decided to take, she ended up in a foreign country.

Even if you didn’t see her for a while, you still communicate with each other over the internet, but chatting and calling do not really match the real thing.

One day, Elsa managed to borrow a laptop from her roommate, and she decided to send you a video. However, it was not just an ordinary video. It was a video titled “I know you miss this baby“.

You decide to play the video, and you see your hot blonde girlfriend on the bed. She crawls towards the camera and says “Hey baby, how are you? I missed you so much, I can’t wait to show you

Elsa then starts playing with her nice boobies, touching them nicely over her sleeping shirt. As she is about to show off one of her nipples, she stops. “Not yet,” Elsa tells you, before fondling her titties some more.

After a little while, she finally reveals one of her nipples, and eventually, she reveals the other one as well. Now that both of her tits are out in the open, she can play with them better while giving you a nice close-up while telling you “I miss you so much“.

Once she teased you enough by playing with her small boobies, you were about to see some other parts of her body being in the spotlight of the video.

She bent over, gave you a really nice view of her tight ass. You see her rubbing her pussy over her panties, however, she does not take them off, yet.

Eventually, she does slide them to the side, giving you a peek every now and then, but even if she is teasing you, she got horny herself which made her begin masturbating.

Elsa took off the panties since they were in the way of her fingers penetrating her pussy, and she showed the panties to the camera, making sure you are paying attention.

She then fingers herself in the doggy position with some of her fingers, and that makes her moan out loud. But it does not continue for long because she changes the position in order to savor the feeling as she does not want to cum for you yet.

Elsa was nice enough to get into the “missionary” position, where her legs are nicely spread for you in a way that the camera catches her nicely shaved pussy perfectly.

In this position, she continued to rub her clit while making sounds of pleasure all the way until she came. Upon cumming, she drenched her fingers with her cum before putting them in her mouth and saying “Ah, it tastes so good”.

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