Your Girlfriend’s Hot Mom, Nina Elle

You are the man that is living the dream. Not only you are sharing the house with your incredible how girlfriend, but you are also sharing it with her blonde stepmom Nina Elle that no man could resist.

One day while you were relaxing in the living room, you hear your girlfriend at the front door telling you “Hey babe I am going down to the mall. But don’t worry my stepmom should be back from the gym soon, so you will not be bored“.

After a couple of minutes, you hear the front door open. Shortly after that, you see Nina in her gym clothes as she is walking towards you. “Hey, did my daughter go out to the mall already? Well, just sit here tight, I will be right back” she says while lifting up her skirt and showing you a piece of her nice ass.

You waited for a couple of minutes while thinking about the little flash she gave you earlier. Could she be messing with you, or is something about to happen?

When Nina came back from the shower, she was wearing an incredibly sexy black corset that was highlighting her beautiful curvy figure and her big boobs that had heart stickers on them.

She approached you slowly, got down on her knees, and told you “Remember, this has to be our little secret” before unzipping your pants.

Nina then took out your cock with one of her hands while licking the other one. She took the hand she licked earlier and started stroking your already hard cock.

Once she made sure that you got as hard as you possibly can, she slowly approached your donger with her mouth, starting off a nice blowjob session.

Your cock continued to get drenched with her saliva while she was taking it all the way down her throat. Sometimes, you could hear her having trouble with it, but she definitely sucked you off like a real pro.

When your cock was completely drenched, she took her big tits into her hands saying “I want to feel your sloppy cock between my big tits“.

After saying that, she started to massage your penis using her gorgeous breasts, and from time to time, she decided to push it down her throat a couple of times so it stays nice and slippery from her saliva.

During this whole event, she got extremely horny, which made her crave for some pleasure in return so at one point Nina tells you “I want to feel your cock inside of me”.

She climbed on top of you, and before you knew it, she inserted your completely erect cock into her warm wet pussy. While riding you in the cowgirl position, Nina tells you “Oh my god, it is better than I ever expected“.

Nina continued to ride you all the way until she felt your cock pulsate inside her pussy. At that point, she went down on her knees again so she can stroke you off and let you finish all over her slutty face.

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