Your Stepsister Angel Piaff Knows You Are Watching

When your father remarried, you ended up with an incredibly hot stepsister, Angel Piaff. She is one incredible blonde bombshell with nice small sized tits, she also has a sexy tattoo on her left arm which is only one of the tattoos she has on her body. Her belly button piercing is also one of the things that make her magnificent figure incredibly desirable.

One day, while she was taking a shower, you decided to sneak into her bedroom and place a camera so you can spy on her while she changes her clothes. However, when Angel came back from the bathroom, she somehow knew exactly where to sit, so instead of checking out the video later, you decide to sit and see what happens.

She was wearing a peach-colored bra that was matching her panties, and while she was sitting in front of the camera, she started to play around with her body until she says “You will watch me. I am ready for you. My pussy is ready for you“.

While sliding her fingers over her chest, she is going to ask you “Do you want to touch my boobs” right before she slides her fingers into her panties for a few seconds.

I will show you my boobs,” says Angel right before she took off her bra and revealed her small sized tits to you for the first time.

I will give you more,” she tells you again as she takes her panties and pulls them towards her, causing them to get inside her pussy. “I love to play with my pussy,” she says before taking off the panties.

As she took the panties off, she decided to smell them while telling you “I love my pussy, it smells so good“.

After rubbing her pussy a couple of times, she gave you a sexy look through the camera you were watching her and she said “I have a surprise for you“.

Angel then took a dildo she had under the chair she was sitting on. She spits towards her pussy, and the saliva slowly slid from her belly button downwards.

As the saliva made contact with her love tunnel, Angel began to penetrate herself with the pink dildo she showed you earlier. First, she penetrated herself in the position where she was sitting with her legs only slightly spread, but not long after that, she is going to go into the doggy position.

While in doggy, she will begin to moan while inserting the toy as deep as she could, but since she could not reach the maximum pleasure, she decided to go into her favorite position.

Angel laid down on the bed behind her, and she raised one of her legs up in the air before she penetrated her love tunnel with the toy.

I love this position,” she says while drilling her snatch that produced sounds every time the dildo went deep inside her because it was completely drenched with the juices it leaked. She continued to masturbate in this position all the way until she had an outstanding orgasm.

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