Your Three girlfriends: Abby Lee Brazil, Marie Mcray and Raven Bay Want You to Make a Choice

date_range February 01, 2016
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Your Three girlfriends: Abby Lee Brazil, Marie Mcray and Raven Bay Want You to Make a Choice

Because you are quite a playboy, you managed to fool around with three different women.

Abby Lee Brazil, who is a sexy Latina with dark hair and a tattoo on the left side of her stomach, she is also a big fan of bikinis as they perfectly expose her juicy ass. Raven Bay, a delightful girl with black hair that absolutely enjoys wearing sexy lingerie, just for you. And Marie McCray, who is a gorgeous redhead MILF that has a stunning body which looks absolutely perfect in a bikini.

All of these hotties enjoy wearing high heels, and another thing that they have in common is that their milk cans are quite big. However, these three hotties somehow managed to find out about each other, and that is why all of them came to your house so you can make a choice.

They put you in the middle, while Abby and Marie were sitting in the chairs in front of you, Raven was relaxing on the couch. All of them were also wearing sexy items that they usually wear while you are with them in the bedroom.

When they asked you if you are ready to make the choice, they all started off their routine in order to catch your attention.

Their performance started off by all of them doing a striptease at the same time. As each one of them took off their bras, you did not know who to pay attention too.

Maria was the one who was stripping the fastest, as she believed that she is going to get your full attention while she plays with her pussy. Abby displayed her big tits by getting closer to you, and then she went on the chair where she displayed her juicy ass just like Raven.

Once they were all completely naked, all of them began to masturbate. You found yourself in the situation where three incredible girls in high heels are playing with their pussies.

As they all rubbed their clits and fingered their tunnels, you could hear them moan louder and louder, and your eyes were focused on a different girl each second.

These girls continued masturbating passionately in different positions, and as they were getting close to their orgasm, you are running out of time to make your choice.

You soon hear them moan out loud while their fingers get completely covered in their pussy juice, which means that the time is up.

So, who are you going to choose? Abby the busty Latina with a tattoo and a juicy ass? Marie, the redhead MILF that is the most experienced when it comes to pleasing a cock? Or maybe you will go with Raven, the innocent looking girl who is actually one naughty devil?

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