You’re Driving Dani Jensen Nuts and She’ll Punish You for That!

date_range May 09, 2018
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You’re Driving Dani Jensen Nuts and She’ll Punish You for That!

If you've ever been working for an asshole boss who, no matter what you did, always blamed you for everything, you know exactly what the hell on earth looks like. You might be thinking that this could be a problem only if your boss was a guy, but in the newest VR Bangers' VR porn fantasy we'll prove to you that it's only getting worse when there's not an asshole but an evil bitch giving you orders. In "Driving Her Nuts" VR porn video, one of the hottest redhead babes in the VR porn industry, Dani Jensen, will get to become the employer from your nightmares - and no, she won't tolerate your behavior any minute longer.

Today, right after wearing your VR headset, you'll get to become Dani's driver, who's supposed to carry her wherever she wants and whenever she wants in her luxury car. You might have an impression that our sexy girl is a little too demanding within this virtual reality porn movie and that you're doing a good job, but since Dani has a very different opinion and you're here with her not without a reason, you'll have to accept that she's done with your incompetence and finally has to do something about it.

Moments later, when you'll be in your boss' office right in front of her in a 1-on-1 situation, the time has come to settle your mistakes. Regular boss would just cut your bonus or simply fire you but no, Dani is a different kind of person - and this is a VR porn fantasy, after all, so it just couldn't be that simple, could it? It turns out that this hot babe likes to dominate not only in a professional way, but also while being in bed with her partners and fucking with them, so now you'll have to submit to her domination and bang her exactly the way she wants.

Else that, else you're not only get fired but she'll also give a horribly unflattering recommendation to all her colleagues - meaning pretty much that you're done in the business for good. Well, since the girl is incredibly beautiful and sexy, there is no reason why you should refuse, right? Wear your VR goggles then and fuck Dani in our most recent 4K UHD VR porn video straight away, as she's not gonna be waiting for you forever - she's really had enough of your incompetence and won't tolerate any other mistakes. Join her in this 3D 360° VR porn movie to make up for your faults and fight for your dream job now!

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