Get started with PlayStation VR 3D porn

Step 1
Download PSVR 3D 180 or PSVR 3D 360 videos to your PC or Mac.
Step 2
Copy videos to a USB drive to folder "Videos".
Step 3
Launch PS Media Player app. Select movies from the folder and Let's Bang!

Detailed Guide for PlayStation VR 3D porn

  • 1. Install PS Media Player

    Go to the PlayStation Store and download Media Player. This is a great app for VR. It is also free, and allows you to play the best 3D VR Bangers videos.

  • 2. Download VR Bangers videos

    Download PSVR 3D 180 or PSVR 3D 360 videos from VR Bangers website. With PSVR 3D 180 will get only 180 degrees field of view, but you will get highest possible resolution. PSVR 3D 360 will give you full immersive effect, but models will not very sharp. This is because of limited technical capabilities of PlayStation.

    PS VR Download porn


  • 3. Copy videos to a "Videos" folder on USB drive.

    Prepare your USB hard drive or flash:

    1. USB should be formatted as exFAT or FAT32
    2. Create a folder named "Videos" at the root (top level) directory. The name of the folder is case-insensitive
    3. Place all downloaded videos in this folder. Otherwise, they will not be able to be read by the app

  • 4. Plug USB into PlayStation and enjoy ;)

    Remove the USB flash drive from your PC or laptop and put it into the USB port on your PS4.
    Open up the PS Media Player while wearing your PlayStation VR headset (make sure it's turned on!)
    Navigate to the folder "Videos", and you should now see VR Bangers videos. Click on play and Let's Bang!

  • 5. Got PS4 Pro? = Got Higher Resolution

    If you are a proud owner of PS4 Pro, then you can experience even better video quality.

    For 360 vr porn videos:

    Download 3D 360 HD video and rename the file to add "_ou" at the end.

    Example: VRBANGERS_asian_hangover_HD_3dv.mp4 > VRBANGERS_asian_hangover_HD_ou.mp4

    For 180 vr porn videos:

    Download 3D 180 HD video and rename the file to add "_180_sbs" at the end.

    Example: VRBANGERS_asian_hangover_HD_180x180_3dh.mp4 >VRBANGERS_asian_hangover_HD_180_sbs.mp4

  • 6. Enjoy your randevú with a Pornstar

    Put the headset on and launch PS Media Player.

    Navigate to the folder "Videos", and you should now see VR Bangers videos. Click on play and Let's Bang!

  • KNOWN ISSUE: "Video is not playing in VR, I just see two screens."

    There is a small trick with PS Media Player. Don't forget to turn on VR mode.

    Click "options" on yours controller and then VR MODE -> "ON"

  • PSVR Files Too BIG Fix

    Step 1: Please convert USB drive to exFAT, it will allow you to put bigger fileHere’s the procedure to format USB to exFAT

    Step 2: Plug in the memory stick into your computer and allow it to be detected. Once it is recognized, you should see an Autoplay dialogue box pop up asking you to choose the next action. If it doesn’t appear, you can open My Computer and see if the USB is detected as a newly mounted volume. You can also find the USB under Disk Drives in Device Manager (right-click on My Computer -> Manage).

    Step 3: Right-click on the USB drive shown in My Computer and select “Format”. This will open a dialogue box displaying the formatting options.

    Step 4: Select the exFAT file system from the “File System” drop-down, then punch in the name that you wish to assign to the USB drive under “Volume label” and also select a “Format option”. Step 4: Once you’ve made sure all options are correct, and you have a backup of the important data on the USB, click on “Start” to initiate the process. When prompted, click on “Ok” to confirm that you wish to erase the data on the drive and format it.


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