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ANTVR 2.0 2K 3D VR

Product name: ANTVR 2.0 2K 3D VR


The AntVR 2.0 is made out of plastic. It has OLED dual display screen with resolution 2160 x 1200, 424 PPI screen pixels and 90Hz refresh rate. The sharp picture that is produced is projected onto your retina through the aspherical lens that is equipped without distorting the image. It has external speakers directly set to your ears and by this way you can see and here only the 3D VR world that is created in front of you. Supports seated, standing, large scale, extendable-scale positioning track. Distortion-free Fresnel lenses help prevent image distortion and dizziness. Allow you to see the environment around you while the headset is still put on.

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Product Description

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  • Resolution: 2160X1200
  • Screen pixel(ppi): 424
  • Lens material: PMMA
  • Field of view: 100 Degrees
  • Distortion rate: 0
  • Focal length: 49.5mm
  • Camera Number of cameras: 1
  • Camera pixels: 640X480
  • Interface USB: USB2.0 * 2
  • HDMI: 1.4 ports
  • Transmission Audio: Built-in high-fidelity headphones
  • Control: self-search supported VR controller
  • Sensor Light sensor: Not supported
  • Positioning function: infrared camera
  • Recommended Config. Operating system: WIN7 above
  • CPU: i5-4590
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Compatibility Compatible Device: PC
  • Package Contents 1*Ant VR Headset
  • 1*Controller
  • 1*Positioning Ball
  • 1*Manual