Jumanjizz vr porn video


Duration: 25 min
Release date: Dec 13, 2019
Do you remember our last VR porn parody with Marley Brinx – the Wonder Woman (A XXX Parody) VR porn movie that became one of our most popular VR porn scenes in no time? Did you know that this VR porn video has actually managed to win the 2019 AVN Awards’ title of the Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene? Yeah, whenever we are going for something new and one-of-a-kind, we are always aiming really high – and that is ...

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  • Johnny D.

    Wanna praise or talk sh*t about Jumanjizz? You are in the right place!
    You can find the video right here: https://vrbangers.com/video/jumanjizz/

    Johnny D.

  • ian-churchill

    Was looking forward to watching Jumanjizz with just perfect Lacy, but as an Oculus Go / Daydream downloader, find that none of the links are working!


  • Mike Henigan

    Thank you for reaching out to us.
    We checked the links and they are working normally. Can you please let us know what type of issues you experience?

    Mike Henigan

    • ian-churchill

      Thanks Mike
      If I click on the 4K link without selecting the device first, its downloading,
      if I select ‘Daydream’ then none of the 3 file links download anything for me.
      Use Chrome as my browser, don’t ahve any issues with any other video!


    • adaptable999

      I’m pretty new here and not one to usually get involved in posting, but I tried twice and it didn’t seem to show up. I’d really like to give some feedback as I went for the long term membership and I see some areas that need work.


    • myasomyaw

      oculus rift works fine for me


  • koosvanraaij

    the link for gear vr also not working


  • ashveratu

    I am always a little disappointed when there is no missionary/legs up position. Lacy is perfect though and performs beautifully in this scene.
    edit: links worked just fine for me

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  • koosvanraaij

    when you klik on the download it wil not go fuhrter to download


  • TheVrGuy

    Great video, but usually you guys include amazing facesitting scenes in your videos but its missing here.


  • arne.schoenbohm

    Links are working, but 6K and 4K version both are stopping at PVR Iris. At least 5K version is working.


  • jsk

    4K file is a pixelated mess, bitrate way too low for the amount of scene detail. It’s especially bad during cowgirl when she leans forward. It’s a shame because it would have been a really good scene otherwise.


  • f.french

    ohhh yes this is probably the best porn parody there is. With the ultra hot Lacy Lennon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Many thanks for this video. More of Lacy please !!!


  • Roseburg

    In a word… this was pretty wow. The quality of production is freakin amazing. 
    The scenes were hot and well thought out. Fun, Sexxy whats not to love.


  • rydiaonyx

    As a Jumanji parody it does some good things. But as a Lacy Lennon sex scene (which is what I care about) it is dissapointing. The lighting is not great on her, the camera position is static, she’s got dirt all over her butt, etc.


  • VeEAreFan

    Luv the scene idea and Lacy is great!  Awesome finish shot!  Great job VRB


  • adaptable999

    I really love Lacy but I was dissapointed with this. I just skipped thru because the clarity is just not there. I expect because of the outdoor scene and not enough lighting causing the scene to be granular. This destroys it for me.


  • adaptable999

    I really love Lacy and want to see her crystal clear face close up but I only skipped thru the movie due to its being so granular due to I assume inadequate lighting. Clarity is everything if you want it to feel real


  • daniel5vrb

    I agree about the no missionary/legs up position, cool scene though!
    download works here.


  • Roseburg

    No issues downloaded… boner verified, 


  • g2kbuffetboy

    I feel like this scene is the spiritual successor to the Marley Brinx Wonder Woman parody, and for that, I think this is definitely a VR award contender. This scene stayed on brand, was simple but super creative, and was well executed. The humor was on point! I loved the abilities bit, and the voice-over impression was spot on. The reason for transitioning from laying down POV to standing POV was also super funny. And wow, can’t believe Kevin Hart’s character popped in too LOL. That was wild hahaha.
    As others have mentioned, the sex with Lacy was a little bit lacking, due to the lighting, dirt, and short run-time. But honestly, I don’t think that changes how awesome of this scene is. I think VRB’s business model is to do more than “just porn”. I think that’s great! Just so long as it’s not every scene, or not well-thought out. To me, STOLEN 2019 and Jumanjizz were very well-thought out, and thus, more like a piece of VR porn cinema, instead of VR porn. So I can get behind that every now and then.
    All I got left to say is bring Lacy back for more and more. I recall seeing a BTS photo with her and Whitney Wright… so if that’s a future BGG that would be awesome too. =) Heck, Lacy with anybody is a win-win. Thanks VRB!


  • kds1041

    having same issue for gear VR. 


  • garryesault

    Links haven’t been working me for a few weeks either.


  • jsk

    Like the concept, but the 4K file’s image quality is terrible. The bitrate is way too low for the amount of scene detail. Cowgirl position in particular is a pixelated mess.


  • Mj

    Am I the only one suffering from poor video quality?
    4k on the Go looks awful…


    • chao5

      Same. Quality is like from 2017. Other platforms do it better. I canceled my membership.


  • OnlineMenace

    I’m downloading the 4K and noticed the filesize to be 3.21 GB not the 2.33 GB shown on the description. Why is the 4K larger than the 5K file which is 3.03 GB? I thought I accidently clicked on the 5K so I tried again with same result. 


  • Roseburg

    The bitrate shows as  4K at 13225 and 5K at 17163
    Both 60FPS
    The 4K downloaded for me as 2.33 for the 4K


  • Boris

    Hi Guys,
    we have re-encoded the 4K file upped bitrate quite a bit. It will solve all the grainines. 
    As far as 5K slightly smaller, because it’s a totaly different video codec, that reqire smaller bitrate.


  • anonymous

    Any clue when the Oculus Riff download link will be working? 


  • apocalypse575

    Great casting, Lacey is an incredibly talented performer! Could you please try to keep videos at least 40min in length though?


    • Valzod06

      If you don’t mind, I’ll add to your thoughts. Lacey is an incredible performer. Could you please try to film her in a well lit, classy, comfortable inside environment with actual sexy clothes and no dirt?


      • Roseburg

        I hear what you aree saying. I was thinking more a Tomb Raider look myself. 
        I actually think she would do well in a Dick Tracy scene, she could pull off that 1940’s vibe.
        In fact a small series in that  era with her would be nice.


  • brawl.stars.not.clickbait

    Hands down my favorite pornstar,;especially enjoyed the close-up riding part. Would love to see her back on the scene this year!

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by brawl.stars.not.clickbait.


  • bigvicman99

    I downloaded 4k and 5k even the 6k and all would freeze up and not play right downloaded the 1.63 and it played fine


  • Roseburg

    I downloaded the file this morning and the 4K works on my Oculus Go and PC. 
    What VR unit do you have?  Can you stream or is it just the download.?


  • glennroitman

    Fucking awesome!!  Who hasn’t thought about banging Ruby Roundhouse?  Great vid.  👍🏼 


  • rpetersonkt

    4-20-2020…. the 4K on gear vr is garbage quality guys.  Sorry, but it’s worse that NA vr quality. Usually the 4K videos on my gear vr and galaxy s9 plus are stunningly clear.  And I love redhead videos so bummer.
    P.S. y’all should try to get a VR of Ella Hughes 🤤


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