Police Brutality vr porn video

Police Brutality

Duration: 26 min
Release date: Apr 7, 2017
In this VR Porn video fantasy you are behind bars, and Police brutality isn’t really a joke or something to be taken lightly! Fantasy of the sexy cop remains, because when you stick a girl like a VR Porn star August Ames into a cop outfit that is way too tight, how can you think of anything else but getting her attention even if that means getting into trouble. Such sluts are stealing husbands from women from ...

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  • Mike Henigan

    Wanna praise or talk sh*t about Police Brutality? You are in the right place!
    You can find the video right here: https://vrbangers.com/video/police-brutality/

    Mike Henigan

  • wesslex

    Please Remove her Videos and let her rest in peace.


  • Roseburg

    Hi there Wesslex,
    You know I totaly get that perspective. If I may…
    From people I have spoken with, Mercedes Grabowski, she did not dislike porn scenes. Infact she was up for many awards right before her death. One of the things she speaks of was being a very pro person in the LBGT community. The industry had nothing to do with her death. Those whom did not like her life style did.
    When I see scenes with her, I see whom she was. A light in a world of dark. She brought a natural beauty to an industry she was changing. She loved what she did, having scenes existing may not be seen in the way others might. And I get that. But erasing her from the work she loved, would also mean her struggles did not matter, and they did. You can ask VRB, she was a sweet, loving person to everyone she met. Her scenes show her love of the work she did. Others have explained that she brought and art like quality that we may never see again. We have to realize she was a person that accepted everyone for what they are. She died because of her love for others and their rights.
    I do get that at times having a person sho has passed, could be seen as bad taste. But she loved what she did. I would hope we can leave this up so she is remembered for her kindness and sweet personality. If we remove them?? Then others will only know her for her death, and not for her life.


    • snowyrabbit

      I agree with this. I think it is fine to keep her work available provided that those who were close to her in real life are comfortable with its remaining.
      But I do also feel that the “biography” of her here at VRB should be updated to include an indication that she is no longer alive, include her date of death and a RIP. Currently, it suggests she is still active and I find that disrespectful.


      • Roseburg

        I agree, active status, should be removed. As many also may not know who she was. May ask even for new material adding confusion? I have and had close friends in the Biz, she was adored by so many people. I have not heard from anyone I know who was close to her, and saw her work as distasteful including her S/O . Things like this have come up over the years with some amazing people both infront and behind the camera. In the discussions at length I have had with others also related to the Biz, its usually always handled tastfully. The way the staff is here as well, they would never allow any star to be direspected, alive or passed. I have seen other forums where blasting a star for looks, talent is allowed. Here it is not, and is handled swiftly. Why I like these guys.
        I have always been a champian for the rights of stars in the adult entertainment industry. This young lady will not be forgotten, she made a mark that many may not even be aware of in the LBGT community. When I see her videos. Personally I have admiration for her and respect. Its only sad that her life ended so short not realizing how much she was loved by others.  In this world people can be so cruel, they spew out hate without ever thinking about the person they are attacking.
        Sure, the people are party of a fanstasy. But they are also human beings. If ever the adult industry forgets this, I will walk away and never look back. Luckily the majority of people involved do treat the stars just like any other actor in flim and most care allot more then is realized, and I prefer it that way.
        Just my two cents on teh matter.


  • snowyrabbit

    Well said, RB.


  • binakalgo

    I agree with Roseburg too. An update on her status should be in order, I guess it is difficult to be respectful without being too solemn for an porn-entretainment site but I think it is needed.


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