VRB World Cup 2018 vr porn video

VRB World Cup 2018

Duration: 65 min
Release date: Jun 15, 2018
Enjoy some amazing World Cup emotions together with VR Bangers, your favorite VR porn movies’ makers. In this brand new VR porn fantasy, you’ll get to become an arbiter and referee of some real sports sensations… but in the VRB style! Since you can always turn your TV on to watch some soccer match rolling on the regular screen, we’ve decided to run our tournament in a somewhat less standard discipline – ...

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  • Mike Henigan

    Wanna praise or talk sh*t about VRB World Cup 2018? You are in the right place!
    You can find the video right here: https://vrbangers.com/video/vrb-world-cup-2018/

    Mike Henigan

  • VeEAreFan

    I really enjoyed the vid and the voting.  It is really cool when VRB does fun stuff like this and the halloween promo.  Great job again!!


    I still think miss Japan got robbed lol!


  • anonymous

    Need an Ember Snow scene please!!


  • michaelhome

    This is a dream scene , very good.


  • Mike Henigan

    It was our way to show the world the Power of VR Porn! Glad you liked it!

    Mike Henigan

  • tbone987

    so who won? i vote japan. she was playful!××

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  • Mike Henigan

    Japan was super close to winning but Russia took the cup home 🙂


    Thank you for the vote and participation

    Mike Henigan

  • vin-e

    Alexa Nova won imo…can we have another scène with her?


  • Mike Henigan



    Alexa was indeed great, we will check her availability and see what we can do about it.

    Mike Henigan

  • joe.camerone


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  • Mike Henigan

    It was Unique indeed 😉 Also the first video in the world to be shot in 6k!


    We will surely come up with something new and unique like that again : )

    Mike Henigan

  • samfutu

    Nice scene… bonus points for creativity!  Many nice performers here, great to see a solo Ember Snow scene, but I’ll mention a couple of standouts that I think are under-represented… Alexis Avery and Daizy Cooper.  I’d love to see solo or small group  scenes with them.  how about both together, plus a bottle of oil?  plus me, of course. 🙂  would be pretty mind-blowing.  Thanks!


  • Mike Henigan

    Hahaha sounds like a great idea 😉


    Let’s see what we can do about it in the near future 😉

    Mike Henigan

  • oliver_gutjahr

    Great idea for a clip! And I think the russian representative deserved the win. But I see 12 would be winners and one pathetic loser. Jack-off finishes are annoying enough in normal non-VR clips. But this one almost made me throw up…if 12 girls trying hard can’t make you cum, you’ve got no business being in that role. Get a job as an accountant or as meter maid. This one is not for you…


  • ricardomay16

    Why would this only be mostly blow jobs? Lame


  • Mike Henigan

    Because it is a BLOW JOB COMPETITION 🙂 we wanted to do something unique and not just another Orgy. 
    The next 12 girls video will be an amazing Orgy/gangbang Stay tuned.

    Mike Henigan

    • g2kbuffetboy

      HOLD IT RIGHT THERE @mike.
      “The next 12 girls video will be an amazing Orgy/gangbang Stay tuned.”
      What do you mean, “the next 12 girls video”???
      Are you saying we have a 12 girl on 1 guy scene coming?? Please say it’s only 1 guy though… I am almost positive having a 2nd guy in there will turn a lot of viewers off.
      Ahhhhhh! I need to know =))))))))))


    • jake372000

      When is the orgy video coming out?


  • Mike Henigan

    Haha shit spoliers… I gave you enough ALREADY!
    Now you have to stay tuned 😉

    Mike Henigan

  • safix666

    All videos always loading 


  • Mike Henigan

    What do you mean “all videos” can you please let us know what type of device and browser are you using to download/stream our videos.?

    Mike Henigan

  • getrightorgetleft176

    After all that he jacked himself off at the end. Bad ending.


  • Mike Henigan

    We wanted to end that way as the idea of the scene was blowjob competition not who makes him cum 🙂 if he was cumming from a blowjob then we had an absolute winner already and that’s what we wanted to avoid.

    Mike Henigan

  • Mike Henigan

    Next world cup perhaps 😉 or next great world event! Stay tuned, we have amazing things coming in 2020!

    Mike Henigan

  • thomasorner3

    Any chance of getting credit for time spent watching this shit storm, I was sucked into it and couldn’t seem to get out fast enough? Yea, I stayed till the end because I don’t give up on the girls but man, it ran flat.  Should of had all the girls surrounding the main man for the entire film.  He could have been in it up to his eye’s and then some; and that would have made everybody involved happier!


  • gamer00

    Best blowjob contest ever! I love the whole idea of this scene. Each girl representing a different country but competing with blowjob skills…genius! I personally liked having one girl give head at a time. I see some people didn’t like that, but I think it fit perfectly for this scene. Plenty of other scenes where all the girls crowd you. More sensual to have each girl one on one.


  • binakalgo

    This was an excellent idea but it didn’t went as I would hoped. I think that filming multiple girls vs one guy in POV it is one of the most difficult filming in porn, and despite the great experience that VR Bangers have with the Sorority series, this scene was just too much as too much was happening at the time, with a blowjob at a time, girls having fun with themselves and time running up; I felt it crowded.
    Nevertheless, this is a very intereting scene and it is worth watching, but maybe keep it smaller next time. maybe only round of 8?


  • wdt404

    I thought it would have been better if the couches were about 18 inches closer to the lens, for better image clarity. I enjoyed the novelty scene (every viewer should see a big scene like this once), but in general the girls would have been better used in 4 separate BGGG scenes. I thought Zoey Foxx did the better job of playing to the camera and staying connected to the viewer when she was on the couch.


  • calvinmaltin

    I had so much fun texperiencing this. Thankyou!


  • Throathammer

    This video is fucking amazing!!  I vote for  Is that a Rolex on big dudes wrist?  I vote for that stunning black woman with the yellow shirt…  My fkn god is she marriage material or what!?


  • y.yo22

    My vote would go to Mexico.


  • pelms78

    only just joined but this scene is worth the mebership alone! incredible. 


  • tienpeichan25

    Dam this video is the best! Hope there’ll be another one in 2022… or sooner.


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