Get started with Windows Mixed Reality Porn

Step 1
Download Play'a app and install it.
Step 2
Install STEAM VR.
Step 3
Dude, there is no step 3! Get the tissues, put the headset on and enjoy.

Detailed Guide for Windows Mixed Reality Porn

  • 1. "I've just received my Window MR headset! How do I use it to watch VR Porn?"

    Congrats with your new Mixed Reality Headset! Let's set it up with your Windows 10 PC.

    Plug in USB and HDMI cables in your PC and setup window should automatically appear.

    If nothing happens. Then you might need to do some updates and check if your current PC is Windows Mixed Reality-Ready.

    Get the update here.

    Download Windows Mixed Reality PC Check here.

  • 2. Download PLAY'A app from our website and install it.

    Now, go to to download our app.

    Follow the simple steps to install the app on your Windows computer.

  • 3. Tell your antivirus and firewall to be friends with our App.

    Well, the app is very new. Although we got all the necessary certificates, it still
    takes time for all antiviruses to like us. Trust us, there are no viruses, we have
    no intention to harm you. In any case, you know where to find is ;)

    If any of the messages pop up, while you're trying to download or install the file,
    just simply tell it to trust this app.

    For example, Windows Defender SmartScreen is trying to save you from
    watching porn. Just tell him that you are already an adult and can make those
    decisions on your own! ;)

    Click "More info"

    Then click "Run anyway"


    If antivirus asks, tell him that we are cool. ;)

  • 4. Install SteamVR

    SteamVR is a must have, if you own a Windows Mixed Reality Headset. It will open the door for you to many cool VR games and VR Experiences. And of course it will let you watch VR Bangers videos with ease.

    Let's get started with SteamVR.

    1. Install Steam and create an account.
    2. Download SteamVR
    3. From Steam install the app Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR

  • 5. Launch PLAY'A and enjoy.

    Click on the PLAY'A icon on your desktop and lean back.If you already have a subscription at, you can LOGIN using your
    account. You can also explore our FREE TOUR area, to browse through trailers
    and watch free videos.

  • 6. PLAY'A controls for Windows Mixed Reality

    PLAY'A works best with Windows MR controllers



    Xbox controller is another cool way to experience PLAY'A

    No controllers? No problem, use your keyboard!




Experience Virtual Reality at another level with our PLAY'A app.
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