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19 September , 2016

The Hobbit land is a dangerous place, yet very magical! A war is going on between the Dwarfs and Elf’s, but Auriel the elf fell in love with you because she saw something different in you. You were trying to escape from the elf’s but you got hit by a poisons arrow. Auriel finds you laying on the ground and almost ready to die, but she won’t let this happen! She applies herbs and magical healing power, but the poison is deep inside your body. The only way to save you is to unite the powers of Auriel and Lady Daladriel together. Only sexual pleasure will kill the poison in your body. Aeriel and Lady Daladriel start off by undressing and pleasuring themselves, elvish kisses are amazingly hot. They slowly remove your trousers and take out your cock! While taking turns, they ride you until you finally have immortal powers. Who knew that elves can be so naughty! Be the first to enter into this magical Virtual Reality experience of the hobbit world.


22 November , 2016

Starring: Anya Olsen, Bridgette B

Sexy teen Anya Olsen joins Bridgette B for a soccer practice, In this VR Porn Scenario you are the coach of  this two goddesses as they play together they get hotter and start to pour water on each other and giggles together while having fun playing and teasing you,they come to you and ask you if it is ok if they play naked, you don’t hesitate for a second and tell them to take it off and have fun, they start to make out You can’t believe your luck as they joy each other in this hot Milf and teen play this is definitely the best coaching you ever done!

Happy Camper / Starring: Anya Olsen


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17 February , 2017

Starring: Anya Olsen

In this VR Porn Scenario, You and your girlfriend Anya Olsen are going camping together with your parents. That could be fun, but it could lead to some seriously awkward scenarios. Anya wakes you up inside the nice, warm tent and tells you that your parents have finally left fishing. You don’t have much time to have sex. She starts off by giving you a morning blowjob that you have been waiting for, then she jumps on you and starts riding cock faster and faster to the point that you both cum together loud and long. Of course you figure you’re all alone in the woods, but her parents have come back a little early from fishing to find your girlfriend in your love juice…whoops!