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Cayla Lyons is the kind of girl who turns heads everywhere she goes. A sweet petite blonde 18-year-old starlet whose personality enchants you from the moment you first meet her, Cayla loves outdoor sports and athletics. She was a pep rally cheerleader, a terrific tennis player, and an avid snowboarder before getting into porn as a full-time career. Now those skills and that same intensity she used to put toward her workout regimens can be seen in every sex scene she films. VR Porn asks a lot from each actress and it’s always a pleasure filming a girl like Cayla Lyons who brings world-class endurance and an amazing amount of energy to everything she ever does!

Videos with Cayla Lyons

Just Turned 18 / Starring: Cayla Lyons


10 January , 2017

Starring: Cayla Lyons

Cayla Lyons just turned 18 and she’s ready to show off her sexy body for the first time anywhere. She’s still shy and nervous about getting naughty in public, but this Virtual Reality masturbation video filmed from her house allowed her to feel completely comfortable while giving you the best view. Enjoy what VR Porn is supposed to be about as one of the newest blonde starlets gives you full access to her own bedroom in ways that weren’t even possible until a few months ago. Talk about turning eighteen at just the right time!

Pizza Thrills / Starring: Cayla Lyons



23 February , 2017

Starring: Cayla Lyons

Alone in your hotel room after a long flight and in need of a nice meal without the energy to go out on the town just yet? In this VR Porn Cayla Lyons coming up to your room with a tray of goodies and feeling pretty hungry herself! Lay back and enjoy world-class head in the presidential suite of a world-class resort hotel. It’s the high roller lifestyle you always wanted and this petite blonde. VR Banger is bringing it all right to you!