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Cindy Starfall is a rare Asian talent in porn. There are many really hot girls from Japan, but all too often they have a long list of what they aren’t willing to do on camera. Unlike those prudes, Cindy Starfall is a VR Yes Girl! We asked her for a list of what she isn’t into like we do with every model we film, but Cindy handed us back a blank piece of paper and said simply “I’m down to do whatever the fans want to see!” It’s so refreshing to find that kind of can do attitude with a truly gorgeous JAV girl who is ready to take you on the most immersive VR porn journey of your life. Take her by the hand and let Miss Starfall show you what Virtual Sex is really all about!

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Asian Virgin / Starring: Cindy Starfall


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2 February , 2017

Starring: Cindy Starfall

In this VR Porn fantasy, you are a peeping tom voyeur who has found himself in the closet of a sweet Asian Schoolgirl. Cindy Starfall gets bored of doing homework and decides to masturbate using the VR Bangers website. She  doesn’t know she is being watched. When she discovers you in the closet, she’s in shock!!! But Cindy figured, if you’re already there, might as well take use of the situation. She puts on a special show for you and invites you to play with her tight virgin pussy. Then she opens up her legs and takes you for a journey that only an Asian girl can. Her ass is so tight, you can’t resist not slapping it once in a while! Finally, you cum all over face while she swallows everything you gave her.