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Kenzie Taylor will get your gonads rumbling in their scrote cage so fiercely, you'll need an extra strong grip to tame those spherical cum factories. This one is a pure man-eating super slut. Kenzie has got all the physical qualities of a swimsuit or lingerie model. Kenzie has an awesome and fun personality that keeps a smile on your face when just looking at her. She’s nice and tall, at 5 foot 7, with a pair of killer legs and strong thighs. Her stomach is washboard thin while her ass is of epic curvy proportions and stuffed with juicy flesh.Kenzie is one of those dedicated porn beauties always looking to up her game. Better make sure that dick is bigger than a forearm and harder than a steel pipe before ramming it to her,for an awesome tit fuck job. Born in California, where every day was a bikini catwalk, Kenzie had no problem standing out among the crowd of busty and sassy beach babes.

Videos with Kenzie Taylor

Mr. Fix It / Starring: Kenzie Taylor

14:30 min


4 October , 2016

Starring: Kenzie Taylor

In this VR Porn fantasy, you are a hot Hollywood Housewife Kenzie Taylor dealing with hundred degrees California heat with a broken AC unit in your upscale Beverly Hills mansion. You decide to beat the heat by stripping off and laying naked on the bed while the A/C repairman fixes the problem. When he comes for payment and sees your naked, sweaty, hot body, he decides to pick up more than his check.

Agent Dick / Starring: Kenzie Taylor



9 December , 2016

Starring: Kenzie Taylor

Have you ever wanted to be a spy agent? Well, today is your chance! This VR Porn Parody makes you the spy you always wanted to be, as you are waiting to terminate another female agent, the light is dimmed so she doesn’t know you’re in her house. Taylor comes home after a long day of assassination mission and suddenly sees you lying on her bed and pointing a gun at her, But miss Kenzie Taylor has her own ways to stay alive, join the action to fill in the fantasies of what’s going to happen next… Kaboom