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Adorable Lexi Dona always smells delicious. Perhaps that’s because she is such a terrific cook. Lexi loves experimenting with pastries and heating up homemade recipes for cookies and cakes that are almost as tasty as she is herself. Most of the time when she shows up at the studio she’s accompanied by the scent of chocolate or cinnamon and as soon as your mouth starts watering it’s time to turn on the cameras to start the show. She’s a very giving girl, and as generous in bed, as she is everywhere else, but if you ever want to see her eyes light up and twinkle like a Xmas tree take a few moments to go down on her and she will be your new best friend for life!

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Deep Tushy Massage / Starring: Lexi Dona



9 February , 2017

Starring: Lexi Dona

Lexi Dona needs a deep tushy massage to reach her soul. There are many men who have tried fingering her as or sliding a tongue inside, but without a big thick dick pounding away on her backside she can’t seem to cum completely. Fortunately for Lexi, you’re here today in full VR porn splendor and you’ve got exactly what her tight asshole craves. Be sure to start slowly for her safety, and once you get her sphincter to loosen up, jam in all the way until she groans with that melodic mixture of pleasure and discomfort that proves she is filled to capacity. Keep in mind, her mouth may wince while you do it, but her ass will thank you after the first few thrusts, and she will be smitten with you for months afterward when she regains her senses after a mind-breaking orgasm of monumental proportions at the end!