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Japanese girls are normally the cutest, shyest, and sweetest delicate flowers you can find roaming the planet. And then there is Marica Hase. She is adorable when she wants to be, but she's an otherwise downright steamy, sexy vixen who isn't shy at all about her demand for lots of cock in all her holes. A tight, tanned Japanese mega whore, Marica looks like a geisha from hell, hopped up on horny sauce. Her tits are perfectly fitted to her tight body, and that pussy of hers with a bit of Japanese bush is tastier than some of the finest sashimi in the world. Marica does it all. She can make a girl orgasm in seconds, and can shower a girl eating her out in pussy-squirt in no time at all. Marica has such a tight ass that you canХt help wincing.

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Room Service / Starring: Marica Hase

30:58 min

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4 July , 2016

Starring: Marica Hase

Hotel breakfast is usually good, but wait till you try the desert! In this VR Porn video, Marica Hase is your shy gorgeous Asian room server and she’s not here to serve you with food! When she sees that you’re all horny in the morning, she just can’t resist the temptation and takes a peek under your bed sheet. She then crawls into bed with you to taste your cock for breakfast. You are the boss on what’s going to happen next…

Asian Squirt / Starring: Marica Hase



4 November , 2016

Starring: Marica Hase

A quiet night at home with your gorgeous Asian girlfriend Marica Hase just got a whole lot kinkier. Lay in the tub and have a look up as the soap suds slowly glide along her smooth skin, and enjoy the sexiest surprise when she unleashes the kind of torrential squirting downpour that only your Asian GF is capable of leaking out for you during the most intense orgasm of your entire relationship together. Showering with your girlfriend can be a blast but it usually takes a while because you have to dry off afterward. VR Porn videos like Asian Squirt prove that sometimes virtual reality porn can be even better than real sex because you get all of the enjoyment without any of the messy cleanups. Let Marica Hase show you how!