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Videos with Morgan Lee

Full Physical / Starring: Morgan Lee

23:23 min


9 September , 2016

Starring: Morgan Lee

Going to see the Doctor can be a nerve-racking experience for any man, but what if your Doctor was really hot and really thorough with her physical examination. In this fantasy, you are an innocent patient going for a full annual physical at a new Doctors office. Sit back, relax and let Dr. Curall, do a check up on ALL your vital functions.

Who’s the Boss / Starring: Morgan Lee



6 December , 2016

Starring: Morgan Lee

Have you ever fantasized about being a powerful CEO of a huge corporation with a sexy Secretary, Morgan Lee who is madly in love with you? In this VR Porn scene, you get to see what a Secretary really thinks as she daydreams through a private office meeting with her direct superior. She strips off her clothes and begs for her Boss to notice her beautiful body as she reveals her true pent up desires.