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Vanessa Decker is a well established black haired Czech pornstar. She has a devilish look in her eyes and is always ready for a hot fucking session. Vanessa stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and has  amazing measurements. 38C-25-35 is what her body looks like and most of her fans love her amazing tits. She also has a tattoo in Spanish on her collarbone which is quite noticeable in most of her porn movies. Ms. Decker is an adventurous girl who also has her belly button pierced. It didn’t hurt much because she was able to ignore the pain and focus on her ever hungry pussy. Vanessa is a bisexual honey who loves pussy as much as she loves cock, well, almost. She has done some lesbian only films but she prefers to do bisexual threesomes or cock movies since her pussy really is always craving something inside.When Vanessa found out she was going to be making VR porn she was thrilled to be part of such an important new technology. She knows that porn is probably the best application for VR devices, but she also wants to try playing some games on the device she got so she could watch her VR porn. Ms. Decker was surprised at how realistic watching the porn felt and it turned her on to know that her fans would be getting so up close and personal with her!

Videos with Vanessa Decker

Between The Sheets / Starring: Vanessa Decker

20:50 min


21 October , 2016

Starring: Vanessa Decker

The great thing about VR porn is that it takes POV videos to a whole new level. You will really feel like you are there as you rouse a beautiful brunette, Vanessa Decker from her repose. She turns to you with a lust filled grin and moans as you stick your fingers in her perpetually wet snatch. She motions for you to come closer and you can’t believe your luck as she sucks your rod then rides you as if she is at the rodeo. She is a special kind of girl who can make your dick spew with the contractions of your pussy and finally you do, right on her cute belly

#Selfie / Starring: Nikky Dream, Vanessa Decker


8 November , 2016

Isn’t this your absolute fantasy come true? Trapped in a room with two horny lesbians, Nikky Dream and Vanessa Decker wearing hot lingerie. They start off by being flirty and taking selfies of themselves but soon these two babes can’t keep their hands off of each other. The two girls enjoy giving each other orgasms with fingering, pussy licking, and other XXX acts. It’s the kind of thing that every guy has dreamed of seeing and now through VR Porn it will be like you are actually there, watching them.solo orgasm and you will feel like you are there with her.

Dark Secrets / Starring: Vanessa Decker


3 November , 2016

Starring: Vanessa Decker

Ms. Vanessa Decker is a hot brunette with a stunning all natural body that doesn’t disappoint. She is at home in a sexy black robe getting ready to go out when she suddenly gets all horny. Her legs spread wide open as you watch her and she rubs lube all over her beautiful tits. Vanessa can’t keep her fingers out of her pussy which always desires to be filled. She fucks herself to a beautiful solo orgasm and you will feel like you are there with her.