Asian Marica Hase Joins You in the Bathtub

date_range November 04, 2016

After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than taking a nice bubble bath. However, while you were relaxing in the tub, you noticed your hot girlfriend Marica Hase taking a quick shower in front of you. You can see water pouring over her desirable body, as she soaps herself up, and washes it off while she brushes off the soap with her hands. But, once she was done taking the shower, Marica did not leave the bathroom. Instead, this cutie decided to approach you, and play around with the foam in your bathtub. As she is brushing your legs, you suddenly her asking you "You want to fuck with me?", which sort of catches you off guard, even if you know that she is one kinky babe. Naturally, you say yes to her question, which made her smile while she continued caressing your legs. Eventually, she will put the leg in the bathtub while asking you "Do you like my hairy pussy?". Then, she will start rubbing her delicious hairy cunt with her hand, while also grinding it on the side of the bathtub you are laying in. Upon entering the bathtub completely, she will take some from out of it, and put it over her nice big boobies. "You love my Japanese boobies too. Don't you?" Marica says while massaging her tits with her hands. After she finishes playing with her nice boobies, she will start playing with herself by rubbing her pussy some more. She will start off slowly by putting only one finger inside, before putting two of them. When the second finger went as deep as it could into her vagina, she moaned out loud, like she hit one of her spots that make her feel absolutely incredible. Seeing how much she is enjoying her solo session, you decided to let her continue, without taking any part of it. You just continued lying in your tub, enjoying the incredible view you were offered. When she went to the back of the tub, she decided to sit on the edge, which let her easily spread her legs. Now she had amazing access to all of the spots on her pussy that make her moan. Marica fingered herself some more, and the whole bathroom was echoing her sensational mesmerizing moans. "There is nothing better than watching a Japanese brunette babe playing with her hairy pussy," you said to yourself. As Marica's solo masturbation moved on, she slowly started twitching as she was making louder and louder sounds, as if she was about to cum. While rubbing her clit, she let out a loud scream of pleasure. After cumming, she got out of the tub, and she licked off the cum that she had on her fingers, inviting you to join her in the bedroom later. Do you want to watch even more hot Asian sluts? Go to their corresponding category over here or straight to the VR Bangers' main page. Watch Marica Hase's VR Porn scenes!