Celebrate the Oktoberfest Early with Brandi Love in 8K UHD!

date_range July 10, 2021

You must have heard (at least once) about the Oktoberfest, right? Hell yeah! And did you know that it is also being called the Beerfest? Just like VR Bangers’ latest MILF VR porn scene! And is that a coincidence? Hell no! Since we like European girls with huge boobs as well as drinking drink (and are sure that you, our fans, and viewers do, as well), at some point we just had to create a VR porn fantasy with this theme – and since we had Brandi Love around… we just could not miss that opportunity! That is how we have created this brand-new VR porn video inside of which you are in the middle of the Oktoberfest festival surrounded by drink and busty waitresses. You are here in Europe to have some fun and spend a lot of cash in the process, so you tip one of the waitresses (Brandi) so gorgeously that she decides to take you backstage and reward you for your generosity. She knows that you are one of those VIP clients from the USA and she will treat you just right to show you the gratitude that you have earned yourself with all these tips – and something tells us that on behalf of this outdoor VR porn movie the makers will change your mind about the Oktoberfest if you have never wanted to go to Germany to visit it. Even though Brandi is not European, German girls could be envious of her epic boobs – and her out-of-this-world cock-sucking skills too, of course! Wear your VR goggles and join Brandi in this latest virtual reality porn fantasy inside of which it will get all wet in no time – and no, we did not spill the drink… Brandi's hot body cannot wait for your wet cum and as long as you will be in the mood for more hardcore fucking, she will be there for you! “Oktoberfest (or so-called ‘Beerfest’) is a theme that has never been delivered by VR Bangers… until now!” said Ivan Harbakon, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Since our fans love Brandi Love and she was just perfect for this role, we chose her to become our hot ‘drink girl’ and both she and her epic boobs are going to give a whole lot of joy and pleasure to all the members of the VR Bangers’ premium family of viewers! There will be a whole lot of drink and other… hot and wet things that should be well appreciated by every single male subscriber browsing VRBangers.com!” Watching this amazing scene – the one that has been made to make you feel like you would have really been on the Oktoberfest – can be done as soon as you will follow the link that has been attached below of this blog post. And if you are interested in different VR porn scenes from VR Bangers, you can watch all of them – in quality ranging from HD up to 8K ultra-high definition – after going to our main page, over here.