Future of VR Bangers' VR Porn from CES 2020!

If you are reading the VR Bangers' blog for a while now, you must have heard about CES (Consumers Technology Association) at least once. We wrote about it here, here and even here, and since the latest reveal of this event has just been finished, we want to tell you a little something about everything from this spectacular occasion that could concern your favorite VR porn scenes.

Non-VR New Technologies from CES 2020

Even though we created this blog post to talk about new virtual reality technologies that we could use directly in our new VR porn movies, believe it or not but VR porn industry draws handfuls from all segments of the technology market and we need to be up to date with everything new that is showing up! Having that in mind, we decided to dedicate the first part of this article to non-VR technologies and tell you a little something about all most important novelties not related to virtual reality itself that have been showed on CES 2020.

TVs and Displays

CES has been the premiere place of the latest TVs for many years with the most important producers in this category being: LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and TCL. The general trend can be easily noticed - it is 8K, of course. Almost everyone presented TV sets capable of displaying the image in this resolution. 8K seems to be the technology of the future and even though our VR porn scenes are available in 6K ultra high definition already, it may take us a while to develop high-quality VR porn in 8K UHD. Additionally, one of the biggest problems is that there are barely any VR headsets capable of running such high resolutions, so new televisions and displays like those presented on CES 2020 are giving us all a lot of good predictions for the higher quality of VR porn in the future. LG Signature OLED TV R Koreans from LG have already announced some time ago that they preparing a TV that is going to roll up and down (the screen was supposed to roll up like a roll of aluminum foil). Bending the screen is possible in the case of OLED displays (LCD can be bent to a very small extent), so no one really knew what the final roll-up TV sets would look like. Would they be mounted under the ceiling and develop like a projector screen, or were they going to grow and hide horizontally? We already know that, because LG Signature OLED TV R is the final product, although it will go on sale not earlier than in six months from now.

The TV slides out of the small box that we place on the floor. When the TV is rolled up, the box can act as a soundbar (loudspeaker). After unfolding, an 65-inch OLED screen appears. The image is perfectly flat - no flaws or bending points can be seen. Even though this technology may seem to be useless for VR porn, imagine futuristic VR headsets using this tech for higher POV (point of view) of high-quality VR porn. Sounds pretty amazing, right? LG OLED TV 8K 88 Additionally, LG also showed an 88-inch 8K OLED TV. It offers phenomenal picture quality. And what about Samsung? The company is constantly improving its LCD TVs, which are being called by them the QLED. Their latest CES display had a QLED TV with 8K and stunning 98 inches of size! Price? A modest 200,000... euro! Although it was not a thing from LG that attracted the attention of trade fair participants the most, since a massive... 219-inch The Wall screen was standing right next to it.

The Wall as such is nothing new. The screen under this name debuted at CES a year ago. Made in Micro LED technology is a real competition (or rather: the successor) for OLED. It offers the advantages of OLED (e.g. perfect black, unattainable for LCD / QLED), and at the same time there are no disadvantages (it doesn't burn out). In addition, Micro LED screens are built of small modules that are positioned next to each other and in this way you can get a display of any diagonal and any shape. Of course, the question arises whether there are visible connections between modules (stripes or lines). Although, fortunately you can't see them at all. The picture is uniform, like in a regular TV. And at the same time perfectly sharp, very bright (it catches the eye), the colors are extremely saturated, and black... is black. It seems that Micro LED is an ideal technology for the production of televisions and it is known that LG is also working on it (its screen Micro LED LG was shown at IFA in September). Sony Crystal LED We also found a similar screen at the Sony stand. However, the company uses a different nomenclature and calls its Crystal LED technology. The design of Micro LED and Crystal LED is very similar. The Sony screen shown at CES was slightly smaller than that Samsung's, although it was also impressive - it was nearly 4.9 meters wide and over 2.7 meters high. In addition, it wasn't really new at all, because we could see Sony Crystal LED for the first time at IFA in 2017 - so even before Samsung showed its The Wall. What is the purpose of all of it? Basically speaking, as you could read above, this technology has a lot of advantages and barely any disadvantages. We certainly look forward for it to be used in future VR headsets and we can't wait to develop it in our high-quality virtual reality porn movies of 4K, 6K and maybe even 8K UHD in the future!

Voice Assistants

Digital voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby were visible everywhere over the fair (Apple Siri is missing, because Apple does not exhibit at CES). The market basically split into two powerful camps - Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Microsoft seems to have already given up the fight with its Cortana, Apple Siri can not be seen (see above), and Samsung is the only one to pressure its Bixby solution. The reason why we even mention such voice assistants is that we believe that running your VR headset or VR app with such technology could be extremely convenient in the future. We hope that voice recognition will only get better and can't wait for more and more news about such technologies for our VR porn scenes to become better thanks to them! Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby At CES, there were thousands of devices that could be controlled by giving them voice commands, so we are definitely heading into a good direction of getting some voice-steered VR goggles. The implementation of Alexa or Google assistant can be found in "smart" speakers, headphones, TV sets, smart home systems or cars. Not to mention such obvious ones as smartphones, laptops or all sorts of robots. You can see that voice control systems are the future and that soon we will not have to press any buttons at all or touch the touch screens, and instead we will operate our equipment simply by giving them commands - and that is exactly what VR Bangers are hoping for!

5G Technology

5G technology is already a reality. Manufacturers already have infrastructure ready (although for few of them, like the Chinese company Huawei, some governments intend to prohibit the implementation of their devices - this is happening in the USA and e.g. Australia). 5G antennas are slowly being assembled and working solutions have already been launched in some countries. Telecommunications operators will now gradually replace their infrastructure with one that will already operate in 5G technology. This will take place over the next few years, but the process has already begun. 5G technology advertising At CES, there was probably no smartphone manufacturer that would no longer boast of preparing for 5G. The first commercial smartphones operating in this technology are expected to appear as early as this year - it is said that at the beginning such devices will be shown by major players such as Samsung or Huawei (we calm down Apple fans - the company will definitely "rent" 5G technology somewhere around 2021, too). 5G technology for VR porn is an obvious possibility for better and faster wireless connection via virtual reality devices. Hopefully, thanks to it modern VR goggles will be capable of running even the highest resolutions of VR porn with ease and no delays through no-cable systems.

Foldable Smartphones

By the way of CES, we've all been waiting for the presentation of foldable (or bendable) smartphones. It turned out that only one company officially showed such a device at its stand - Royole FlexPai. Apparently, Samsung also had a prototype with it, but nothing was presented at the company's stand. During the fair, however, there were rumors that Samsung was to show its roll-up smartphone to selected partners behind closed doors. This is quite a likely scenario, because apparently the official presentation of this device is expected to take place in a month. Royole Flex Pai Smartphone What can you do with a roll-up smartphone? First of all, when unfolded, it looks and works like a regular tablet. Has an almost 8-inch AMOLED screen. However, after bending in half, its dimensions are reduced to comparable with smartphones, but the screen works all the time - and basically divides into three parts: front, back and dorsal. On the front and back screens we can run two separate applications, but the back part of the screen can be used for notifications or shortcuts. Royole FlexPai is not a beauty at the moment, and after folding it is coarse and squat, but remember that this is only the first product of this type on the market. The next ones will definitely be more slender. Again, with the development of the "foldable technology", we are going to get newer and newer displays in even-weirder shapes, yet supporting all the highest resolutions. Believe it or not, but this could mean a truly surprising solution for VR devices at some point and thus a gigantic leap forward in terms of 3D VR porn videos!

Virtual Reality Novelties

A lot has happened in the subject of VR headsets and various solutions of virtual and augmented reality at CES 2020. For example, HTC presented a new version of the Vive Pro Eye glasses, which were equipped with an eye tracking system.

Vive Pro Eye

This year, HTC Vive Pro Eye was presented at CES 2020. The new model differs from its predecessor by the addition of a support for tracking eye movements. This is great news and not just for players but also for fans of immersive VR porn videos. This not only gives an additional way of control in the video game, but also a new form of interaction with application applications - and possibly entire new ways of your interactions inside of VR porn scenes. For example, at some point we might be able to process our VR porn scenes in a way that VR porn stars will always look directly in your eyes while seeking for your attention! HTC Vive Pro Eye Enthusiasts of this type of entertainment should be satisfied with the HTC Vive Pro Eye - the premiere is scheduled for the second quarter of 2020. Eye tracking in HTC Vive Pro Eye prepared in cooperation with Tobii (the VR game) will be available only from some of the recipients. Game and application developers will not be able to design their applications immediately with a view to operating with the movement of the eyeballs and it will remain only an addition, not the main way of interaction, so we will have to wait a moment for this solution to be fully operable. The Vive Reality system, covering both operational and empirical elements, will affect the entire HTC Vive family. It will debut in 2020 on the HTC Vive Cosmos platform. Part of the project is also cooperation with the Mozilla company, which will result in the world's first web browser created for the HTC Vive environment, which could also potentially contain VR porn scenes in a special 18+ section of the system.


"For millennia, humans have longed to fly like a bird, to take to the sky, arms outstretched, with the power and innate grace of the avian masters. While human biomechanics will never allow for the facility of unfettered flight, today’s virtual reality (VR), coupled with robotics and simulation technology, can deliver an experience like never before... fulfilling our ultimate dream of flying like a bird." That is what we could read on Birdly's website - but what exactly is this newest device showed at CES 2020? Birdly VR device Unlike a common flight simulator that requires a joystick, mouse and/or numerous buttons, Birdly operators command their full-body VR flight experience instinctively with arms and hands – movements correlated to the flapping of wings and manipulation of primary feathers for speed, altitude and navigation. Each input is reflected in the virtual flight processor and returned as physical feedback through nick, roll and heave movements. Visually immersed through a head-mounted VR display, fliers are enveloped in a high-resolution virtual landscape charged with interactive zones and entertaining surprises. The result of Birdly’s precise sensory-motor coupling - including headwind simulation, 3D audio, and visual impact - is an exhilaration that is simply breathtaking. The solution being potentially pointless for VR porn scenes open a lot of new possibilities for it. For example, a similar device to Birdly's could one day allow you to actually fuck a beautiful adult model via virtual reality with all your senses and with the use of your entire body.

Bigger Inside

Last but not least comes the Bigger Inside. Bigger Inside offers a whole new type of VR experience. By combining Virtual Reality (VR) technology and any development of available space, it proposes new and original activities that can be installed next to the laser tag, other games or even presumably the VR porn videos. Thanks to the exclusive, autonomous suit covering the player's entire body, the company offers full immersion in the game, from head to toe and even fingertips. Players can use super powers that trigger directly from their hands. Interactions are based on motion recognition, without the need for physical weapons. There are an infinite number of possible game evolutions and also almost a limitless potential for our VR porn movies to develop from this solution. Bigger Inside combines physical locations with their virtual representation in the game. When you touch the wall in the game, you really feel it under your hands. The combination of Microsoft goggles with their capture kit allows many players to move to the real maze without the risk of visual conflict.

Bigger Inside has total control over its solution by developing hardware, software and games. This guarantees a perfect match between the elements making up the product. Capturing motion and location of each player is autonomous and does not depend on cameras or external sensors in the room. Not without significance is the fact that this technology has reduced the price of installation compared to other solutions based on motion capture camera. When we will be able to first use it for VR porn? We can't wait!

Other Cool New Technologies

In addition to the ones described above, there were many other products at CES. Creative demonstrated very interesting equipment, for which it won many "Best of CES" awards - a Super X-Fi headphone amplifier with a built-in, powerful DSP processor. Super X-Fi "spatializes" the sound in headphones so that we feel as if we are listening to music from speakers, not headphones. You have to try this system yourself to see how "holographic sound" actually works. Anyway - you don't have to buy a Super X-Fi amplifier, just install the free SXFI App on your smartphone and play your favorite MP3 song from it. The Super X-Fi function can be turned on and off to compare the difference. The SXFI App works only with MP3 files; if you want to get "holographic" sound effects, e.g. while streaming music from Spotify or YouTube, you have to buy a Creative amplifier. This super-cool solution sounds like an improvement of our binaural sound systems and we hope that it is going to be developed in the future and that one day we could actually use it in our immersive VR porn scenes with high-quality audio. Creative Super X Fi Device


There is certainly a lot going on the technology market and we believe that the future of virtual reality porn is brighter than ever before. We are getting new ways of operating inside of VR, we are getting better and better displays to show our immersive VR porn videos in higher and higher qualities and developers of mobile devices are coming up with even-faster ways of wireless connection that could definitely make you stream virtual reality porn in higher resolutions wirelessly. We are super hyped about all these new solutions and we can't wait to introduce them to our virtual reality porn experiences sooner or later! If you want to be one of the first who will get to experience our new solutions, make sure to remember to be checking our website as often as possible by straight going to our main page (here) from time to time to always be up to date with everything new that VR Bangers have to offer!