Hot Slamming with Alix Lynx and Nadia Jay

date_range March 10, 2016

One of your friends, Alix Lynx, invited you to come over to her backyard so you can hang out with her and her new friend, Nadia Jay. But little did you know, that both of these beauties planned to be naked for the whole time. Since you were already there, it would be too awkward for you to leave, but you also wanted to enjoy the view of Alix's blonde hair and her beautiful body, as well as Nadia's dark skin toned body, so you stayed. After Alix's returned from her short swim in her pool. She came over to Nadia in order to give her a nice hot massage. Naturally, you could not keep your eyes off of them, and at one point Alix says "Seems someone is spying on us, what are we going to do about that?" Both of these naked girls them came to you, and Alix said "No need to worry, you are not in trouble, I like it. It turns me on." which Nadia said "It turns me on too" before she stuck her hand under your shorts and touched your hard cock. "Oh my god, it is so hard, let us help you with that," says Nadia before she takes off your shorts. Alix asks you "Wow, mind if I help you with that" right before she dives her throat around your completely erect pecker. Nadia also decided to join in, and these two beauties made your cock incredibly wet by their blowjob skills. They kept on sucking until Alix says "I really want to feel that cock inside of me". She then began to ride you in the cowgirl position, and as she did, her big natural tits bounced up and down appropriately. Meanwhile, Nadia was spectating at the action while rubbing her love button. Because Alix also wanted Nadia to feel your raging boner inside her pussy, she let her take over once she decided to regain her stamina. "Oh crap! That is so hard!" says Nadia as your cock goes deep inside her for the first time. After warming up a bit Nadia will tell you "Let me bounce on it". She will then enjoy her round of pussy slamming in the cowgirl position. But, because Nadia had an incredibly juicy ass, you asked her to turn around into the reverse cowgirl. As soon as she did, you grabbed her ass cheeks and she started to impale herself once again. This time your cock could go even deeper inside her, and that caused her to moan even louder. Nadia kept riding you all the way until you were ready to cum. When you were near that point, both of these incredible chicks started pleasuring your cock with their mouths one more time. Alix was sucking on your ballsack while Nadia was deepthroating your pole. When you started shooting cum out of your cock, both of the girls were very excited that they can finally taste your product. Everyone wants a threesome fantasies, don't they? We've got a lot of them over here, and naturally here. Watch Alix Lynx's and Nadia Jay's VR Porn fantasies!