Makeup tutorial turns into a solo session

date_range March 28, 2017
Your girlfriend, Vinna Reed, is extremely passionate about her job, which is a makeup artist. One day while you are browsing your e-mails, you found a strange video from her. Because she often uploads makeup tutorials, you thought she sent you one by mistake because that is how the video started. However, because she was wearing a pair of sexy white lingerie, you decided to watch Vinna do her makeup thing because it looked really sexy. It is quite a good thing that you decided to stick around because as she keeps grabbing more and more tools from her makeup kit, eventually, she is going to pull out a sex toy. When you noticed that, you immediately realized what is going on, and you were extremely glad that you did not turn off the video she sent you. Because Vinna still had her brush in one of her hands when she took her dildo, she decided to tease you by dragging it slowly across her perfect skin. When she was done, she put it back to the bag and then she began to fool around by fondling her tits over her bra. Not long after that, Vinna will take off her bra, revealing her small natural tits. She will start playing around with them even more by grabbing them with both hands and spinning them in circles until she gets a little bit horny. Once the hornyness starts influencing her, she will lay back on the couch and grab her panties. Vinna will pull the panties towards her, making them get inside her pink taco which will cause her to breathe heavily as she keeps getting turned on more and more. Eventually, she will move the panties to the side and start rubbing her clit, but she will change the position to the doggy one quite quickly. While her ass was facing the camera, Vinna will play with her pussy just a little bit more before taking the sex toy she showed off earlier. Then she will start drilling herself slowly while rubbing her clit with her other hand. As the speed of her self-pleasuring technique increases, Vinna will start to moan as she experiences more and more pleasure. Because the doggy style is not the ideal position for solo masturbation, Vinna will get back into the one how she started her session with. Her legs will be spread nice and wide once again, and she will continue impaling herself with the toy as she rapidly strokes her wet clit. From time to time, she will stop masturbating and instead she will take the sex toy and put it into her mouth so she can taste her own pussy juices before penetrating herself once again. As time passes by, Vinna's body will begin to shiver as she gets closer to the point where she is about to cum. In the end, she will lean to the side just a little bit so the sex toy can enter as deep as possible, allowing her to have an out of this world orgasm so you can enjoy it with her while watching the video. Babes love toys and you gotta watch them play! You can do it now over here or by looking here. Watch Vinna Reed's VR Porn Videos!