Watch Alex Black Play With Her Toys

date_range April 04, 2017

From time to time, you and Alex Black, your hot brunette girlfriend, tend to have a very interesting session where she teases you with her amazing body. This time she will be wearing nothing but some new dark blue lingerie that she got for herself and she will also be wearing high heels because she knows that you love them. As she gets to the couch, Alex will start fondling her big beautiful tits over the bra, and after she plays around with them for a little bit, she will play with her panties by stretching them around. Once she makes sure that you are completely focused on her actions, she will start playing with her bra once again, however, she will get rid of it quite fast. Now that her big tits are revealed, she will play with them for a moment before she decides to turn around and display her juicy ass. While showing you her ass, she will slide the panties down. Now that the panties are no longer in the way, she can freely grab her ass cheeks with her hands and spread them nice and wide so you can enjoy the view of her gorgeous asshole. After Alex is done with displaying you her behind, she will take the panties and slide them between her big tits a couple of times before throwing them away. Once the panties are gone too, she will sit on the couch and spread her legs so she can begin her solo masturbation routine. Alex is first going to make herself incredibly wet by rubbing her clit and fingering her love tunnel. When she is satisfied with the moisture in her pussy, she will take her sex toy and insert it into her pussy. But, instead of simply masturbating, Alex will continue teasing you by sticking the toy in two-three times before she licks off her own pussy juices that the toy gets covered with. When she repeats this a couple of times, she will tell you to leave the living room and go to the bedroom where she has plenty of space to work with. Getting on the big bed allows Alex to lay on her back so she can spread her legs, even more, allowing her to penetrate herself deeper and faster. While she is drilling herself with her sex toy, she will also rub her clit with the other hand that she is not holding the toy with. Later on, Alex will change the position into doggy where the toy can hit some of her other spots. Penetrating herself in the doggy position will make Alex so horny that she will moan quite loudly, and after a while, she will have to lay down on her back again where she will stay until she reaches her climax. If you like the girls and their toys, you can watch more of them play over here and naturally on our main page, here. Watch Alex Black's VR Porn movies!