Naughty Foreign Massage Client Lexi Dona

date_range February 09, 2017

As a masseur, you often have some really hot babes on your table, which can cause you a really big boner. This time, you ended up with the incredible brunette Lexi Dona as your customer, a foreign babe who anyone would like to plow. However, even if you would like to drill her right on the table, you decided to stay professional by not doing anything that could turn her on. Little did you know, that once you started pouring oil over her, Lexi took your hand so she can pour the oil all over her tits. You were still professional, as you simply rubbed in the oil by fondling her tits. When she saw that you are playing hard to get, she took the oil, and she put it on her belly. As you started to rub that in, you saw Lexi taking off her towel that was wrapped around her waist. While you are rubbing her belly, she takes your hand. She slowly slides it down to her pussy while looking you straight in the eyes, giving you an incredibly sexy look as she bites her lip. You start fingering her, but in the meantime, Lexi already had some other plans. She put her hand on your crotch, took unbuttoned your shorts, and took out your rock solid cock. Looking at her face, you could see that she is delighted with the size. Upon stroking it a couple of times, she will put it into her mouth while you are still fingering her. Once your cock is nicely drenched with her saliva, this foreign babe tells you "I need fuck" before positioning herself in the missionary position. Since you were both nice and wet, your cock easily penetrated deep into her pussy, causing her to moan out loud, as she was experiencing the greatest pleasures. Even if you started pounding her slowly, it didn't take too long before you gave her all you got, which made her lift her legs up in the air while she screamed out loud "Oh yes!". Noticing that your stamina is getting low, she told you to lay down on the floor, so she can give you a nice blowjob. Later, instead of letting you fuck her one more time, she instead climbed on top of you. You may think that she will start riding you instantly, but instead, she decided to grind on your cock and balls, smearing her pussy juices all over your tool. After a bit, she finally took your big shaft, put it inside her warm wet pussy, and she started riding you. As she was impaling herself on your big cock, you could her moan again as your cock was going as deep as it could get. When you were about to cum, she got down on her knees in front of you. Then she stroked off your cock, making you cum into her hands. She licked your juices off, swallowing all of it. More babes equally hot to Lexi can be found in our babe category or on our main page, over here. Watch Lexi Dona's VR Porn movies!