Nikky Dream Does a Solo Session for You

date_range September 13, 2016

Your incredible nerdy blonde girlfriend Nikky Dream is quite obsessed with sex toys, and she likes to show them off quite often, especially when she wants to punish you by making you watch her solo sessions. That is if you can even consider that a punishment. During this session of your "punishment", Nikky put on some really amazing lingerie that went great with the black stockings and her pearl necklace. The first thing she will do in this session is to tease you with her magnificent body by coming up close to you, allowing you to smell her skin, but not touch. When she disengages, she will take off her bra, which will definitely give you a hard on. Just to make sure that you are completely erect, Nikky will take off her high heels and she will touch your cock with one of them. As she feels your erection, she will put one of her feet incredibly close to your face. Then, she is going to put her legs around you and hold herself up with her arms and legs as she puts her pussy that is still covered with her panties close towards your face. Now that she is done teasing you, Nikky is going to get back to the bed and as she turns around, she will grab her big pink dildo and smack her ass a couple of times before she takes off her panties. Once the panties are off, she will bite on them and then she will smack your crotch two-three times before throwing them towards your face. Now that all of her good bits are out in the open, she will start masturbating by rubbing her pussy with her fingers until she gets wet. As her pussy begins to ooze with juices, she will take the small sex toy and stick it inside her love tunnel. Nikky will plunge herself with it while she holds her pearl necklace in the other hand. After drilling herself with the small toy while dragging the pearls over your crotch and her tits, she will discard the small toy and take the big one. Nikky will then lay on the bed, putting her feet on your thighs as she spreads her legs wide enough to penetrate herself with the toy. But, before she does that, she will lube up the toy by sucking on it until it is drenched in her saliva. When the toy gets nicely lubed up, she will penetrate herself with the biggest toy and from time to time Nikky will put her foot on your face. Because Nikky is one kinky girl, she will realize that the toys are not what she is looking for at the moment, so she will take her necklace and start masturbating with it instead. After some time passes by, she will return to her smallest toy which she will use for a little while. Her solo session will end with her using nothing else but her fingers, and once she starts rubbing her drenched pussy with them one more time, she will moan out loud during one of the best orgasms in her life. Do you want to watch more teens playing with their toys? Go over here or here, then! Watch Nikky Dream's VR Porn scenes!