Players Accidentally Destroy Homes During VR Gameplay

date_range December 07, 2022
Players Accidentally Destroy Homes During VR Gameplay

According to insurance companies, more and more VR players are destroying furniture or other equipment in the home. The number of VR-related claims in 2021 has increased significantly, which simply means that VR games are indeed quite dangerous – unlike the VR porn movies that we all love to watch. According to data from insurance companies, the increased number of players using virtual reality goggles is causing havoc at home, damaging furniture or other furnishings.

Even though we're always trying to encourage you to play virtual reality games – as we think that they can be great, especially when talking about some interactive VR porn games like Dezyred – it seems that we've just found another reason that proves VR sex scenes are better – as, you want it or not, they're simply much safer. After all, we've never received a complaint from one of our users that he's destroyed his home during a sloppy blowjob in VR or a nice virtual reality threesome with two of our professional VR porn stars, have you?

Mishaps, Accidents, and VR in the Lead Role

For the sake of example, we will use material from Reddit – including a chin punch versus a fan on the ceiling or a broken lampshade. "These devices can be great fun, but we encourage people to be aware of their surroundings and to look at their home insurance to make sure it suits their needs," says Kelly Whittington, the representative of the insurance company Aviva UK.

Some of the more bizarre claims involved a gamer throwing his controller at a TV after being frightened by a zombie in a game, or a teen who smashed two rare figurines placed on a fireplace with a sweep of his hand. If you want to see more mishaps starring VR, you can simply visit r/VRtoER/.

Increased Number of Claims

According to The Guardian newspaper, thanks to the growing popularity of VR, the number of insurance claims has increased. Kelly Whittington, director of property claims at Aviva, says there will be an increase of as much as 31% by 2021. By contrast, the total increase since 2016 has already been 61%. The company's data also shows that the average VR-related claim was around $800 in 2021, and most often involved damaged TVs. Honestly speaking that's quite shocking for us – after all, even though our VR sex experiences tend to get pretty hardcore, we're not destroying TVs and other hardware during their production, lol.

Virtual reality hardware was certainly a frequently chosen gift for Christmas, which certainly contributed to the influx of gamers who are having their first exposure to VR. It may also have influenced more insurance claims. Aviva also predicts that there will be more in 2022 – and we're pretty sure that they might be right about that. On the other hand, the company hasn't reported any VR porn-movie-related claims – and, at least for now, such virtual reality content seems to be completely safe and much less chaotic. And having that said we'd like to remind you that a whole lot of it is always within your reach at