Read This Review to Know the Differences for PS VR on PS5!

date_range April 07, 2021
PS5 and PSVR

Do you, by any chance, own one of these PS VR virtual reality headsets? We are talking about these VR goggles a whole lot: e.g. we have recently published a completely separate article about this device – announcing the compatibility of the new PlayStation 5 with old PS VR models and the upcoming release of PS VR 2, which is scheduled to take place with the premiere of the latest generation of this system – and we have also mentioned it on our list of the best VR headsets for VR porn in 2020. Our VR porn videos offer support for PlayStation VR almost from the very beginning of this technology's launch, and we were extremely proud to be able to open up to the console gaming market – while being among the first to enable the console players to have fun with our VR porn movies. Now that a brand new console is on the horizon (due to launch later this year), the eyes of the world are once again turned on Sony – and their VR device can experience a second youth, being a cheaper alternative for all new PlayStation owners and a good test of whether virtual reality porn is something for you before you invest in PS VR 2. As we wrote in the article mentioned above, we still do not know much detail about these new VR goggles and we cannot tell you much about them, but on the other hand, we have gotten the opportunity to check how well the first version of PS VR virtual reality headset is doing on the latest generation of the console – and today we are going to tell you a little bit about it, while headlighting all the differences between PS4 and PS5 machines!

PS VR – Technical Data Recap



Product Name: PlayStation VR Product Code: CUH-ZVR2 Series Display: OLED Display Size: 5.7 inches Resolution: 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080) Refresh Rate: 120hz, 90hz Field of View: Approx. 100 degrees Microphone: Integrated Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope Connection: HDMI, USB

External Dimensions / Mass:

VR headset: Approx. 187×185×277 mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projection, headband at the shortest). Approx. 600g (excluding cable). Processor unit: Approx. 150 x 39 x 114mm (width × height × length, excludes largest projection). Approx. 300g.

Processor Unit Functions:

3D audio processing, Social Screen (mirroring mode, separate mode), Cinematic mode

Setting Up PS VR on PS5

PS5 and PSVR promo view PS5 brings full support for PS VR thanks to backward compatibility with existing PS4 titles made for the headset – which means that our VR porn movies will work perfectly fine on the new generation, too. And while you will not see big changes in the PS VR experience out of the gate, loading times are a definite improvement, which is a slight improvement for virtual reality porn, but could indeed make the fast-forwarding through VR porn scenes in higher definitions (e.g. 8K ultra HD) way nicer. Setting up PS VR on PS5 is the same process you are used to on PS4 (all the same plugs in all the same places) but with one key difference: you must have the PS4 camera adapter for PS5. Without it, you cannot plug the PS4 camera into your PS5, which is required for all VR games on the console. And no, unfortunately, Sony says the new PS5 camera will not work for PS VR. Once you plug your PS VR into PS5 and turn it on, you will be greeted with a familiar setup screen that walks new users through fitting the headset correctly and getting positioned within the camera’s field of view. The first time you plug in a Move or Aim controller you will be prompted to hold it in front of the camera for calibration of the tracking sphere – so the entire process is quite similar and if you have used to play our VR porn movies via PS4, you will be shortly good to go with the new generation.

PS5 Dualsense Controller Is Not Supported

You can use both the PS4 DualShock controller and PS Move/PS Aim – but PS5 DualSense is out of reach of basic PS VR goggles, which is actually a shame as this new-generation controller has some really nice features like impressive haptics that would have been great for interactive VR porn experiences of the newer generation.

New Options? New Features? Not Yet

In case you were wondering, PS VR on PS5 does not gain any new features or options, but you can expect the same adjustments you are used to on PS4, including a software IPD adjustment (and the ability to measure your IPD via the camera), the ability to see the PS5 dashboard and play non-VR games in a ‘theater screen’ mode, and you can capture videos and screenshots of your VR experience. Does that change much for VR porn scenes? Not quite, but this is a piece of important information on its own – if you were looking for new features and hoping to get any by upgrading your console to the next-gen, now you know that it will not be going to happen.

The Loading Speed, Though!

The super-fast SSD in PS5 you have been hearing about makes a pretty big difference to the amount of time you will spend staring at loading screens in your headset. How much loading times are improved will vary by game, but according to testers from RoadToVR, below you can see the overall differences that should speak on their own: [caption id="attachment_165785" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Comparison of Loading Games on PS4 Pro and PS5 PS VR loading speed on PS5 | Image courtesy of RoadToVR[/caption] The improved loading times will of course matter more to games that see them frequently and will not matter that much for virtual reality porn experiences – although the new SSD storage could help us in a different way: it should allow you to fast-forward (and back) much faster when you want to jump into the favorite moment of a virtual reality pron scene that you are watching that now. Is that handy? Well, according to statistics of the time you guys spend here at, you all love to skip here and there while watching our VR porn scenes – so indeed this change could give a whole lot of joy to the users of PlayStation consoles.

Capturing Screenshots and Videos

Just like on PS4, you can capture videos and screenshots of your PS VR experience on PS5 with the Share button on whichever controller you are using. Unfortunately, there has been confirmed that even on PS5 these are captured at the same low resolutions of 1,280 × 720 for video and 960 × 720 for screenshots. Does that change anything? Well, it depends if you like to capture the screenshots of our high-quality VR porn experiences of 8K ultra-high definition… So what are your thoughts on all of this? Have we encouraged or discouraged you from buying a PS5? Do you think the new generation brings enough changes to improve your hardware when combined with the old PS VR version? Or do you want to buy this new console hoping for everything that the new version, PS VR 2, will bring? The above article, although not very long, exhausts this topic quite a bit and conveys all the information we have at this point, so we hope we have solved at least some of your problems. More similar blogs and articles can be found with ease at least a few times a week here at our main page – is not only about top-quality VR porn movies but it is being created by true virtual reality technology enthusiasts, so you should keep on checking back to us as often as possible!