Oculus Go - Cheap Standalone VR Headset

date_range May 17, 2018
The premiere of Oculus Go VR goggles on May 1, 2018 was unquestionably one of the best news for the VR porn movies' industry this year. We have all been waiting for a long time to get rid of cables that can ruin the immersion while watching some high quality VR porn videos, so when this long-awaited option appeared on the horizon, we had to somehow assume our attitude to this topic. If you are a happy owner of Facebook's newest hardware, then you should know that VR Bangers, your favorite premium virtual reality porn makers, offer a complete support for this platform for watching our VR porn films, however, as some of you may still be wondering about purchasing them, we decided to do something more and write an article about Go's to let you know that maybe this is the right time to upgrade your equipment - and if some of you still do not have any VR visor, then this may be the best time to buy your very first pair? No, this is not a sponsored article, but VR Bangers are always trying to keep up with all the technical novelties, and since Oculus Go is now on everyone's lips, we also do not stay behind - you can always count on us and you know it!

The basics

Oculus Go VR headset on lady Let's begin with the basics, since without them we can't go to more advanced topics. Oculus Go is a brand new standalone VR headset offered by the Oculus company, which is owned by Facebook under the Mark Zuckerberg's command - thus the goggles were presented by him for the first time back in the 2017. Since this is a standalone solution (one of the very first ones on the VR porn movies' market), visor is wireless and doesn't need any support of a PC or console, which limits his computing capabilities a little, yet it's been a highly anticipated feature so far - noone really likes being limited by cables, regardless of whether playing some VR games or watching some virtual reality porn videos. Let's begin our review with some facts and figures - AKA technical specifications.

Technical Specifications

Oculus Go VR headset Display: LCD, 5.5 inches, 2560x1440 pixels, 60/72 Hz Processor: octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 GPU: Adreno 530 Memory: 3 GB RAM + data storage 32/64 GB Operating system: Android 7.1.2 Nougat Connectivity: WiFi AC, Bluetooth 4.1, microUSB, mini jack Battery: 2600 mAh Weight: 470 g

Price and release date

Oculus Go goggles set There are two variants of Oculus Go goggles, both available in different prices. For the version equipped with 32GB of storage memory, you're gonna pay $199 / £199 / AU$299, and the 64GB alternative is gonna cost you $249 / £249 / AU$369. Frankly, the price is really low, especially when compared with some other solutions available on the market. For example, the visor's older and more advanced brother Oculus Rift costs costs $399 / £399 / AU$640 - even though Rift's computing power is bigger, it's not a standalone (or even a wireless) VR headset, which makes the Go's price really convenient and attractive. As mentioned above, Oculus Go release date was May 1 2018 - VR Bangers' VR porn movies support for these VR goggles started together with that date as well. Since we're after the global premiere, right now you can buy them in 23 countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway and Sweden - and the producer claims that the list is only gonna keep growing bigger.


Oculus Go remote controller Since the comfort achievable when using the VR headset is one of the most important factors when it comes to watching VR porn videos, we'll discuss this matter first. All the following conclusions have been made after using the goggles for many hours, so this are the VR Bangers' subjective feelings and you may find the visor somewhat more or less cosy for you. Oculus Go's straps are adjustable and soft, so they'll work just fine with any kind of the head. The plush inner lining is soft and pillowy, being properly ventilated at the same time. Another thing worth mentioning is the headset's weight distribution, which is very much in the front - this could be considered a flaw, however, no company has dealt with this problem 100% so far, and considering that these are the standalone goggles, we still think the Oculus did a good job. In terms of audio, instead of building in headphones, like the HTC Vive Pro, the Go’s plastic arms have slits that house the speakers, and this design feature helps the headset maintain its cohesive profile. This could get very useful for watching some VR porn videos, making this one of the VR Bangers' favorite features. Oculus Go also includes a 3DoF controller, which feels pretty good in the hand, yet won't offer the same level of immersion with as the Oculus Touch, the controllers that come with Oculus Rift. Controller added to Oculus Go is just a point-and-click remote which can be moved around in the virtual space, and the Touch device is capable of tracking your hand and arm movements. Is that a big deal? For VR games, maybe, but for VR porn videos, Go's remote is in our opinion good enough and it shouldn't discourage you anyhow.


VR headset Oculus Go If you've seen the aforementioned technical specifications of Oculus Go, there's not much to be added. The VR visor works perfectly fine when it comes to viewing some VR porn videos, and there's not much to be accused for. The 5.5-inch, 538 ppi panel (with a resolution of 2560 x 1440) is quite impressive and sharp enough to almost eliminate the “screen-door” effect earlier headsets suffered from - all thanks to a fast-switch LCD display with the Go to have better pixel fill, meaning the pixels are simply larger and thus reduce the screen-door effect as well. There's one limitation that's worth mentioning, even though it makes no difference for our virtual reality porn films. The Oculus Go makes use of an “Orientation Only” movement system – in other words, while you can turn your head and view a 360-degree world, and have your controller tracked within it, you can’t move through the virtual space. This could matter for playing some VR games, but for VR porn films that have to be recorded by a static camera anyway, it doesn't really make any difference whatsoever.

Battery life

Guy in the Helmet Oculus Go Unfortunately this is a biggest problem of this VR visor, but since the standalone virtual reality headsets technology is still taking its baby steps, we can't do much about that and simply have to live with it. Battery will allow you to play some virtual reality games for about 2 hours and watch some VR porn videos for 2.5 hours, and then you'll have to load it up for around 3-ish hours of charging. This is a really poor ratio, we realize that, but remember that these small goggles have the CPU, GPU and the bad-ass display inside, with no cables or connection to anything whatsoever, so it's just the price we have to reconcile with.


Oculus Go is one of the first standalone VR headsets available to be used within the VR porn industry, and it's no wonder that it's not flawless - especially that it comes in such a low price. We still believe that it features pretty much everything that you'd ask for watching your favorite VR porn videos, at the same getting rid of the annoying cables that could ruin your immersion, so we honestly think that if you're considering buying some new VR goggles for yourself, this could be one of the best options available these days. Some VR visors with better battery life solutions will not appear on the market for most likely several more months or maybe even years, so even though that's a huge drawback of Oculus Go, you simply cannot deal with it any better at the moment - and especially not for this amazing price! Would you like to read more such extensive and matter-of-fact articles about VR porn movies and hardware for watching them? We're writing about the whole virtual reality porn industry every week, so visit VR Bangers' main page and start reading!