Riley Reid is a One Devious VR Porn Suspect

date_range October 16, 2016

When it comes to catching bad guys, you are the best detective in town. You have experienced hundreds of cases, and there was never a time that you caught the wrong person. So far, everyone, you thought of as a suspect ended up in jail. This time, you are working on a case that involves a rich businessman. The only lead that you got is his mistress, Riley Reid, a hot brunette that any man would want to rest with. The only evidence you have is a dildo, and you are thinking that the mistress is the one who did it.

You find yourself in the interrogation room. You are sitting on your own chairs, between you is a table, and on the table is the evidence bag. In the evidence bag is the dildo, which is suspected to be the weapon as the victim was persuasive gagged to death on an object that would match its shape. "What do you want from me detective? I have already told you everything I know," says Riley before she lights up a cigarette while her legs are crossed. "You don't really think I assaulted him, do you?" she says before taking another puff out of the cigar.

She spreads her legs and looks you in the eyes while asking you "Like something you see, detective?" You then see Riley turning her back to the table. A second later, she is going to lift up her dress and display her juicy ass to you. Even if she has an amazing ass, you refused to give in to her plan. She knew that you are tough, and that is when she placed one of her legs on the table, right next to the evidence bag. Riley started to pleasure herself by rubbing her pussy.

As she got wetter, she also got hotter, which made her take off the dress. "Do you want to see what the weapon was really used for? It was only used to assault the insides of my pussy," says Riley before opening the evidence bag and taking the dildo out. After that, you see this naughty babe getting on top of your table. You see her nicely trimmed pussy, and a few seconds later, you notice that she is using the dildo to penetrate herself.

During her solo pleasing session, your suspect is going to masturbate in a couple of additional positions. Some of them almost caught you off guard. But you kept your cum weapon in your pants, because you love your job, and you still consider her to be a criminal. In the end, this brunette babe is going to climb up on the table again, and she is going to finish herself by using her fingers.

Upon reaching an orgasm, she came all over the table. Because she refused to give her DNA before, you knew that this was perfect, because now you had plenty of DNA to work around with. If the lab finds a match, then you can freely send Riley directly to prison. Sexy teens with their narrow cunts are the best, right? You will find more of them over here and naturally over here too. Watch Riley Reid's VR porn movies!