Samsung Patents Designs for New VR Headsets

date_range January 28, 2020
What VR headset are you using? VR porn movies from VR Bangers support most of VR goggles available on the market and we are always on our watch to make sure that new and upcoming VR visors will always be capable of streaming our virtual reality porn scenes - and we have just found about latest Samsung's patents that we would like to share with you. Few days ago Samsung filed patents with China's National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) office that seem to be two new PC VR headsets - presumably being new, modern options for VR porn videos with even bigger capabilities and in even higher resolutions exceeding our currently available 4K UHD and 6K ultra HD virtual reality. CNIPA PC VR headsets Samsung PC VR headsets PC VR headsets Samsung Thanks to 91Mobiles we were capable of taking a look on these upcoming VR goggles and their design patents - hypothetically really different from previous HMD Odyssey and Oddyssey+ VR headsets. As seen in the renders and diagrams, a translucent cover houses a cage-like piece that has four prominent divots on the front; with such little information, these could be any number of things, including SteamVR sensors, outward-facing camera sensors, or simply attach points for the cover itself. Having that in mind we can't actually foresee what will these VR visors be capable of, but we are truly excited for new technologies coming to your favorite VR porn videos! VR headset prototype Samsung PC VR prototype PC VR headsets Samsung prototype The second patent uncovered by the aforementioned website looks really strange but is a little less mysterious when it comes to its positioning standard. Additionally, even though the first patent can't be found on the CNIPA's website, this one is already listed on the administration's page and you can review it over here. CNIPA Samsung PC VR headsets prototype PC VR headsets prototype Samsung VR headsets prototype PC VR headsets Samsung prototype drawing Underneath the translucent faceplate appears to be four optical sensors, which appear to cover the front, and left and right flanks. The Odyssey line of Windows Mixed Reality headsets only has two forward-facing sensors, but in more or less the same locations as the front-facing ones seen above in the diagrams. You may be thinking that you will look extremely weird when wearing such a VR headset while watching VR porn, but since we usually spend our intimate moments with professional VR porn stars all alone, it should not be a problem, haha! Samsung PC VR headsets prototype VR headsets Samsung prototype PC Samsung VR headsets prototype Samsung PC VR device prototype The weirdest part is that Samsung did not announce any upcoming VR devices and perhaps these goggles were supposed to be a surprise as long as possible - but now, when their patents have been listed, the entire world already knows that something is coming! And do you need a new VR headset or are you satisfied with yours? You may need to wait few more years for newest Samsung's VR goggles, so for now you better hold on the equipment you have and enjoy our high-quality VR porn movies with VR devices that are available here and now, like Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Gear VR, Microsoft Mixed Reality, PlayStation VR or Google Daydream/Cardboard. More similar tech novelties and blogs about the wonderful world of immersive virtual reality porn technology can be found almost every week on VR Bangers' main page (over here), so make sure to be checking it out as often as possible to stay up to date with everything new in the VR porn universe!