Tokyo Men Enjoy the Presence of VR Girls

date_range August 14, 2017
VR is progressing really quickly, and every day it changes our social life. News from Tokyo tells as that there are VR girlfriends available now and that men from Japan are really enjoying the show. VR closely simulates the relations between human beings and it is becoming better and better every day. Tokyo show has taken virtual reality to a whole new level, by enabling its clients to go on a date with a woman. Your date enjoys speaking sweet things to you and smiling around. Development of VR girlfriends This is an idea from a Japanese company called FutureLeap, and it is quite a great one. The model which is posing a girlfriend is kneeling on a carpet and she loves tossing balloons in the air. She also enjoys blowing bubbles and flirting with an Oculus VR headset user. All of this is staged in a room with a girlfriend being about two meters further from the VR headset user. Users felt like they were really in the presence of a young model. The model is being filmed in a first-person POV and you are provided with speakers for both ears so you can hear her flirting with you. This is still far from going out in the public, but it is a great example of how VR can be used to connect people on a whole new level. Could VR girlfriends do sexual favors? We all know how VR porn affected us. We all love it of course. But, could VR girlfriends be developed until they could actually please you in a sexual manner. We would love that as well. This is probably going to be a thing someday, but there is no information whether this is even planned right now. Imagine your VR girlfriends letting you take her out on a date, and they in the end lets you do some naughty stuff to her, or she decided to take care of you. Having some intimate time with your virtual reality girlfriend is something everyone would more than love to have. If you're a fan of VR Porn from VR Bangers' you certainly can appreciate some quality pussy, and having one in real life can only get better - and that's for sure, right? How is VR going to affect regular relationships? Without a doubt VR girlfriend are going to affect physical ones in some way. We can only observe and see as it progresses. One possible outcome is that less and less men are going to want to actually have a physical girlfriend and they would prefer having a one in VR. And maybe others would actually enjoy learning with VR girlfriends so they could express themselves to the regular ones they have or will find. But, there is only one thing we know for sure now, which is that everyone should try this new type of pleasure thing in VR and see it for themselves. More such interesting tech news can be found daily on