4K Solo Masturbation Session with Raven Bay

date_range March 01, 2016

Because you were sitting in the house for the whole day, you decided to take a walk through the neighborhood. It was a really nice day, so you decided to go to the pool that your neighbor Raven Bay allows you to use whenever you want. As you arrived at her back yard, you noticed that she is sunbathing right next to the pool. "You want to put these into your fucking mouth?" you hear her ask you out of nowhere while she is fondling her tits over the swimsuit. "I am so hot and my pussy is all wet," says Raven as she slides her fingers over her pussy that is covered by a swimsuit. "I am so horny," she says as she starts rubbing her pussy over the swimsuit before she puts the finger into her mouth and gives it a lick. After that, you see her playing with her titties again before she lays down on her sunbed. Raven then, out of nowhere, takes out a small vibrator that she will place on her pussy. But, since her swimsuit is in the way, she will take it off, allowing you to see her beautiful pussy. "Oh my god" Raven moans out loud while the vibrator is pleasuring her wet clit. She will allow you to watch her playing with herself, which is honestly much better than taking a swim in her pool. Because she is one horny and naughty girl, she will get a little bit closer towards you before she turns around and shows you the tattoos on her back as well as her juicy ass. While allowing you to watch her from the back, Raven will still continue pleasuring herself with the vibrator. Eventually, she will go back to her starting position where she will continue satisfying herself. "I really want to cum all over your face," she says while she rubs the vibrator around her clit while also sticking it inside her love tunnel. The longer this hot Latina keeps masturbating, the louder her moans will become, she will moan every time she makes a circle around her clit, and before you know it she will have an incredible orgasm. "That felt so good," says Raven before she takes off her sex toy and puts it into her mouth. She will then lick off her pussy juices, but her little show will not end there as she will also spit over her tits before penetrating herself once again. This was definitely one of the best decisions you made, and since you got an amazing solo masturbation performance from Raven Bay, you might as well take walks more occasionally to increase the odds of that happening again. Girls and their toys are so sexy, that we all love to watch them, right? We have got a lot of them prepared and waiting for you in their corresponding category and on the VR Bangers' main page, here. Just go there and you'll find them with ease! Watch Raven Bay's VR Porn films!