Briana Moon VR

Briana Moon VR Pornstar
Birthday: December 25
Measurements: 34D - 27 - 38
Height: 173
Weight: 69
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Country of origin: Russia
Place of Birth: Moscow
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Career Status: Active

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Briana Moon's Biography

Briana Moon is a flexible VR porn star with big tits who's sweating her ass off at the gym to get rid of any limits when having sex. She can do all the most demanding positions and bang without any breaks—and thanks to her supreme stamina, she never gets tired when jumping on a dick. Would you like to get to know her better at VR Bangers? Then wear your VR goggles and make that happen ASAP!

She's been in the professional VR porn industry for over eight years, which indicates she started her journey of playing with big cocks in front of a virtual reality porn camera when she was a teenager! It means two things: she's always known how to bang, and even though she's still pretty young, she's gathered a lot of sexual experience for you to discover moments after joining her in the immersive world of 3D virtual reality.

Briana likes shooting VR porn movies because she likes improvising in front of a VR cam while being seductive of it and teasing it all the time. Even though she considers herself bisexual, she says that many girls in the biz are not truly sensual and are only pretending to be into babes—and she doesn't like those. But whenever she's performing with another of those pornmodels who love the taste of juicy pussies as much as enormous dicks—she's in heaven!

Furthermore, here's a bunch of random truths about this blonde VR porn model you'd probably like to know: her favorite thing about sex is to be in the present moment with her sexual partner, she became a pornstar because she likes adventures, having fun, and trying new stuff, and her favorite sexual positions are doggy and missionary. Oh, and one last fact: she's a vegan with five cats. She wanted us to add that at the end of her bio, and we always deliver at VR Bangers!