Amazing Pre-flight Experience With Aletta Ocean

While you are waiting in the lounge to travel to the VR Porn company that you are having a meeting at, you will notice the hot stewardess Aletta Ocean in the room as well.

She is wearing a hot uniform, quite unusual compared to the other airline companies actually, and as you keep staring at her incredible legs, she will start talking to you. “Uh, I am so tired, I really don’t want this to be another boring flight,” she says.

After she checks you out, Aletta asks you “Do you want to play with me?” before she turns around, lifts up her uniform and lets you see her red thongs. As you look at her in confusion with a horny look, she will get down on her knees and touch your crotch.

“Are you horny? Do you want me to suck you off?” Aletta asks you, and since you are shocked by the situation, you just observe her actions. At that point, she stands up, and takes off her uniform, revealing her big tits before she turns around and spanks her ass for you a couple of times.

Not a moment later, Aletta will take off her panties and get down on her knees again to massage your crotch. “I want this dick in my mouth. Right now!” she says as she starts unzipping your pants.

Once she successfully took off your pants and your underwear, she will grab your cock with her hand and start licking it with her tongue a couple of times before she wraps her lips around the tip of your shaft.

As your pecker gets more and more erect, she will put more and more of it inside of her mouth until it goes all the way down her throat.

While sucking you off, she will also let you fuck her big boobs, but at one point she will stop pleasuring you just to ask you if you want to fuck her. As she positions herself into the doggy position, you put your hands on her big juicy ass and start inserting your cock into her vagina.

“Yeah, shove that cock deep into my right pussy,” Aletta says as you begin to dive in. Once you have stretched her pussy enough, you will fuck her harder and faster, which will cause Aletta to moan loudly from the divine pleasures you are providing her.

After a while, she will want to get pounded in a different position, so you will slam her cunt in the missionary and cowgirl positions as well. Right before you cum, she will get off your cock and finish you with a quick blowjob.

This is everything you needed in order to relax properly during the flight to the Virtual Reality Porn company meeting where this experience is definitely going to be the idea you are going to chip in for the promotion you are after.

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