Army Introduces Vr to Their Training Programs? We Have a Proposal!

date_range November 09, 2017
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Army Introduces Vr to Their Training Programs? We Have a Proposal!

Year after year, military technology is increasingly surprising and fascinating. As it is known, the military is fueling technological development and only thanks to the military automation, today we can enjoy inventions like lasers, drones and even VR goggles. If not the research of virtual and augmented realities to increase security on the battlefield and to save soldiers’ lives, companies such as Google and HTC couldn’t patent their devices and we wouldn’t have so many advanced devices today - try to imagine the world without the headsets such as Oculus Rift, GearVR, HTC Vive, PSVR or Daydream.

However, this agreement is not one-sided, as the army is increasingly using civil engineering to improve the processes of training or recruitment of troops. For example, with the use of virtual reality, future recruits will be able to experience a new kind of military training. The army, referring to the results of its own nationwide survey, notes that 66% of the increase in interest in starting a military career has been attributed to this technology.

A few days ago, commanders at the Military Virtual Training and Simulation Summit talked about the use of this technology in the military and they are increasingly willing to open such solutions. Of course, besides of training, simulation and training objectives, we have one more application that our army should think of – can you guess what could it be? ;)

Currently the virtual program assumes 4 scenarios: running a tank, parachute jumps in the base, mountain climbing, and training on the training ground – we’d humbly like to suggest another possibility! We all know how stressful it is to be in the barracks and how many soldiers miss their wives. In the past, there were times when soldiers ordered prostitutes to improve their morale, but it was still a kind of betrayal and there’s a more civilized solution nowadays - VR Bangers comes to the rescue!

As you probably know, some time ago VR headsets with preloaded VR porn videos from VR Bangers hit the offer of several hotels in Las Vegas. Today we’d like to propose another solution: our kits could become a part of the default equipment of each training center for soldiers, or maybe even our soldiers could take such equipment with them on missions to another country. After all, VR technology becomes more and more handheld every year, and with the use of modern VR headsets, the fighters could also relax in the in-between the action on the battlefield.

This simple fix could enhance the comfort of our young, brave sons, without harming any women and being the most humane and civilized of all solutions. Plus, there’s one more advantage of it: VR technology is still very foreign to many people, and once introduced to the public sector, more and more people are likely to become familiar with it and prefer to use it in their own homes.

So if there are any military people among the VR Bangers’ fans - we are open to suggestions at, sirs! We serve our members every day, so we would very much like to do something for our country, too. March off!