Patty Michova works hard in the porn biz

date_range November 07, 2017

They say that looking for work is also a job. It may actually be true, since all these interviews, CVs and resumes are labor-intensive, especially if you are trying to get your dream job. In that case, you have to be even more hard-working because you’re fighting for not just the money, but also for some sort of a dream coming true and a happy life, which for most are much more important than cash itself. And what if your dream job is to play in porn movies? VR Porn movies in particular? What should you do in such a situation? Well, first of all you have to make an appointment with the VR Bangers' agent, present him your portfolio and intrigue him with your person even before the meeting. In the end, not everyone can become our exclusive Virtual Reality Porn star when the sophisticated tastes of our demanding fans are at stake. Once you have managed to arrange such a meeting, you need to be prepared, to surprise and enchant our recruiter. Will Patty Michova, our young and sexy aspiring VR Porn star will do whatever it takes to get this job? You'll see in the newest VR Bangers' scene! Patty comes to the meeting punctually, stressed, but full of hope. After a short conversation, our agent asks her to undress, because it is the only way to determine if she’s consistent with what her portfolio shows. The girl is not shy and undoubtedly drops next parts of her outfit, exposing consequently her bobbing boobs and shaved pussy. When it’s already certain that the photos are hers, the first part of the meeting is over and now it’s the time for Patty to show that her pretty face and firm butt aren’t everything that she has to offer. In the end, if you want to become a porn star for one of the best VR Porn portals in the world, you need to have that “something” in you! The girl lies down on the couch with her legs spread out and begins to play with her slightly moist pussy, while squeezing her protruding titties. Patty knows what she has to offer, so she keeps changing her positions once and again, sticking out to the camera her butt alternately with her young pussy. She’s fingering herself from the top and from the bottom in succession, showing us at the same time how flexible and stretched she is - just imagine what she could do with a real man like you in bed! After a while, it turns out that Patty has a surprise in her bag, as she pulls out her lipstick-shaped dildo and starts to play with her pussy using it. Her moaning and groaning spread throughout the studio - thank God that no one else works here, because then people would start asking strange questions! Patty cums in front of the camera, when the juices from her pussy spills on her thighs, and our agent apparently regrets that he is here on business and that he can’t get to this young whore. And what do you think? Did you enjoy her performance? We should probably offer her another role in one of our VR Porn movies! More boobs as big as Patty's can be found in their corresponding category or over here! Watch Patty Michova’s VR Porn Videos!