Dillion Harper and Pristine Edge really know how to spice up squash

After going to your soccer practice, you encountered these two lovely ladies who enjoy spending their time playing squash. They did not mind when you decided to sit down and watch them be playful with each other. After a bit of playing, they got quite hot, which is why beautiful Dillion approached you and asked “Can I have some water?“.

Even if you intended to give her water, it is a much better refreshment for her if you spray her instead, which is exactly what you did. After her pretty brunette friend Pristine came to drink some water as well, kinky Dillion decided that it would be a good idea to prank her with the water bottle as well.

They know that you can clearly see their perky nipples sticking out of their drenched shirts, and as these chicks realized that you had a boner, they decided to give you a show. Pristine and Dillion began to touch each other’s perky titties, which led to them getting naked.

However, the practice was not quite done yet, so they undressed and played squash while wearing only their socks and sneakers. You will be amazed how babes who are as hot as these two can also be so skilled while smacking the ball against the wall.

In the end, they got tired and kinky, so they began to make out on the Squash court. Eventually, you invited them to your place, and they happily followed you inside, while still naked. Gorgeous babe Pristine spread her cutie’s legs and began to lick her pussy, as adorable Dillion began to moan loudly.

Since you are their best friend they did not mind doing all kinds of kinky things right in front of you. As Pristine was done making her girl produce some pussy juices, she decided to sit on her face. Both of them will have their legs spread wide open just for you to enjoy.

After a while, Pristine will seductively look at you and ask: “You want to taste it babe?“, inviting you to have some fun with them as well. While your dick is hard, you will get to enjoy them lick each other some more, as they also love to make out on your white couch.

Their drenched pussies are just throbbing to be pleasured, and nobody is as skilled as making another babe cum, then these two kinky girls.

In the end, they will tease you with their delicious bodies as they continue to make out and invite you over again. This time, you will see them reach an orgasm, while sharing each other’s pussy juices and moaning loudly. Pristine and Dillion are quite a playful lesbian couple, who just love to spend their time playing squash, while ending that session with a hot lesbian lovemaking act in your apartment.

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