Google Launches Its AR Measuring App! Scale Your Dick in AR?

Measuring is probably one of these things that is so banal in normal life, that you did not even think about doing it in AR – did you? But maybe it’s actually worth giving a second thought… The only thing that you would have to do is look at stuff around you, and you would already know how big/tall/wide are these, making the whole process way more convenient and straightforward. And why do we even mention such solution on the VR porn related website? Well, do not tell us that you’ve never wanted to measure the dick of yours through augmented reality… or a cock of one of our male VR porn stars, on the other hand? Let the great comparing begin!

If you are up to date (at least a little) with this whole measuring idea, you probably already know that there has been a race going between Google and Apple on who will be the first one to effectively measure stuff in augmented reality. Even though Apple’s iteration of this augmented app will be coming with iOS12 (which is rumored to be launching soon – for now only the beta is available), Google has managed to launch their version of Measure already. What’s more, it’s free to download for any Android smartphone that supports Google’s ARCore platform.

Measure uses ARCore’s spatial features to measure real-world objects. By simply pointing your phone’s camera at the given item, you can get a reading of the distance from one corner to the other. You can get readings in imperial and metric units and take photos to bring back up when you’re at shop later on – but that’s only one of the possible usages of this helpful feature. As mentioned above, you could also measure your very own dick by simply looking at it and, what’s even more interesting, compare it with one belonging to the actor of your favorite VR porn movie.

Why would you do that? The real question is: why wouldn’t you? Novelties like these are always fun to play with and whenever we can somehow use them together with our VR porn videos, we’re more than happy to do so. Even though AR porn is still not a thing, we strongly believe that it might be coming sooner than we all expect – so let’s get ready in time, shall we?

Oh, there’s one more important thing to mention. According to Google, “Measurements taken within this app are estimates” so if your schlong will be smaller than you expect – don’t worry, this must be a mistake made by this prototype application. After all, cocks of our male VR porn performers are the biggest and heaviest in the entire VR porn industry!

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